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What does 8 pages (in Japanese) plus 10ft of plastic and 20 minutes equal? New JDM Y34 window visors that’s what it equals. As I said before I was kinda surprised that these came with so much instructions when it boils down to make sure the clips go over the trim and stick on with the applied tape.

After all that making fun of how east this was, I go and make a mistake.


These were pretty easy to do when I finally figured out how to line them up.

Step 1: Prep the trim with the applied alcohol rub. The only part you need to rub is the the shinny chrome since that is where the visor sticks to. This ensures a good bond when you stick the visor down.

Step 2: is to pull off the protective cover on the tape on the back of the visor. Take care because once this is off this stuff is super sticky and if it touches something it will stick, trust me.

Step 3: Now line up the visor where it is SUPPOSED to go. This is where I made my mistake.

There is one section in the instructions telling you how to line them up. They seem to really put a lot of emphasis on this area. What it was telling you was how to line up the bottom part of the visor, which I did wrong. I tired to line it up by seeing if the curves on the car and the curves on the visor matched up, they looked pretty good so I thought I had it right, wrong.

Once I had the whole thing on I realized there was a gap at the bottom near the side mirror, I thought it looked funny. So I got out the other visor and went to the passenger side. I left the tape on and tried to line it up flush to the bottom and it fit no problem.

Thankfully I had not yet pressed down the visor on the drivers side so i went and carefully pulled it off. I used even pressure and pulled slowly and it came off.

The correct way to line it up is to start at the bottom near the side view mirror. You need to pull up on the trim of the car to make it possible to slide the clip over the top. Once you have the clip in you can push down and the visor will sit nice and flush.

Step 4: Now you work your way up and back. Locate the next clip, its about 1/4 up near the curve of the roof. Make sure that the clip goes over the black rubber of the chrome trim and press down. This is where it totally would have helped to have a second set of hands. Since the tape was exposed as soon as you tried to get the front in the back end would touch and stick. It took some care but I got the clip in and the visor pushed down.

Step 5: The next clip is about halfway down the roof, right where the windows touch. Once again make sure the clip goes over he black rubber trim, push down and stick.

Step 6: The last clip is near the back. Hook it over the black trim and push down.

Step 7: Before you go pressing down on the visor make sure it has seated down to match the line of the trim. It actually drops a little from where you just hang the clip over. It just take a little downward pressure and it will pop into place.

Step 8: Now all that is left is to press down on the visors to stick the tape on. Following the instructions pictures I placed my fingers underneath and pressed at the top of the visor.

Once on these are solid. I mean it would take some serious work to get these off even it the clips were not there. I like the look of them a lot, they are not your average looking visors. The way they go all the way down the A-Pillar and swoop up over the roof line. 99% of regular people probably wouldn’t even notice them, but they do look nice.



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