Whiteline Parts for Project86, Oh Yeah!!!


Some days are better than others, they just are. This is one of the those days. Thanks to my newest sponsor, whiteline and UPS there was a package outside my office door when I returned from lunch. New parts makes me a happy boy. What’s in the box? The goal for the car is to build a great daily driver that can perform at some autocross and the occasional track day. I did not want anything way too harsh

but sporty. To achieve this we went with the following products.

We will be doing a full install article and product review as soon as we can. There are a few events coming up so scheduling will be a little tough. If you would like more information on Whiteline and their fantastic line of suspension components visit them at whiteline.com.

BFS45XZ: Front 22mm X heavy duty blade adjustable sway bar with adjustable front sway bar endlinks

BSR54XZ: Rear 16mm X heavy duty blade adjustable sway bar with adjustable rear sway bar endlinks and sway bar mount supports


KDT926: Front Gearbox – positive shift kit bushing


KSR210: Front Steering rack and pinion mount bushing


KDT922: Rear Crossmember mount bushing insert


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