Vinny’s Chargespeed Widebody GDB STi

Written by James Bennett aka “WBJ”

This car once belonged to Sean, you probably don’t recognize it as the black STI that graced the cover of SuperStreet but it is one in the same. Sean had a little mishap with the car that ended up leaving it without a front bumper so the car was stuck in his garage. 2 years went by and one day Vinny was over visiting Sean and he sees the beast sitting under piles of dust and boxes and persuades Sean to sell it to him and let him bring it back to glory.

So Vinny set out to try and attain the Chargespeed widebody front bumper which was not an easy task. After lots of work a new bumper made it way to the beast and she was reborn.


  • Name: Vince Minko aka Vinny
  • Member Since: 2000


  • Vinny’s Widebody GSR Turbo


  • 2004 Chargespeed Widebody GDB STi


  • GREDDY T67 Turbo Kit
  • HKS Manifold
  • GREDDY Up & Down Pipes
  • KOYO High Performance Radiator
  • HKS Carbon Ti Exhaust
  • Twin GREDDY Type RS BOVs
  • Cold Air Intake
  • Subaru Performance Twin Plate Clutch
  • CUSCO Lightweight Flywheel
  • Pro-Drive Short Shift Kit
  • Engine Ground Wire Kit


  • TEIN Flex Coilovers
  • TEIN EDFC Electronic Damper Control
  • CUSCO’s Lower Control Arms, Sway Bars, End Links, etc.


  • 20″ x 10″ Maya DLS in Black w/ Chrome Lip
  • BMW 5×120 lug Conversion


  • GREDDY’s Grex 6 Piston BBK in Front
  • OEM Brembo Rears with Project Mu Brake Pads


  • Authentic Chargespeed Wide Body Kit
  • 2004 Enzo Ferrari Red Paint
  • Chargespeed Carbon Fiber Hood & Rear Bonnet
  • APR Carbon Fiber Mirrors & Rear Drag Spoiler
  • JDM 2004 STi Xenon Headlights


  • Bride Seats
  • Takata Harnesses
  • Entire Interior Wrapped in Alcantera/Suede
  • DynoMat Sound Proofed
  • Momo Wheel
  • Signal Quick Release Hub
  • GREDDY Limited Edition Silver 60mm Warning Gauges
  • GREDDY Profec E-01
  • GREDDY Turbo Timer v.2


  • Alpine DVD/Navi In-Dash
  • MB Quart Component Mids & Highs
  • (2) JL Audio Amps for Lows thru Highs
  • JL Audio 12″ W7
  • Built In Passport RADAR/LASER Detector