UTI Torque Meet Tour Orlando 2014 Coverage


What a freaking day! I would have to say that the meet was a HUGE success. We had over 700 cars and 2,000 spectators come out, and we stopped counting around 2:00.

First off we have to thank UTI for the opportunity to be a part of such a great event. Without them none of this would be possible! A ton of work goes into putting on an event like this and keeping it 100% FREE. Without the help of all the great sponsors like Tjin Edition, Meguiars, Vortech, Magnaflow, Scosche, Royal Purple and more this would not be possible.

We really had an amazing variety of wheeled vehicles. We had everything from a ruckus to Optimus Prime, he wouldn’t transform but I am pretty sure it was him. The event was totally crazy and grew so much from the last time that we ran out of space to put cars. One piece of advice I have for anyone planning on coming out to the next one, BE EARLY. It is very hard to handle all those cars, spectators and vendors from a logistics standpoint so wedging you into the middle when it is already packed is really tough.

This year we stepped up our game and had some really big giveaways and even gave away 9 trophies to participants. For those of you who asked about not being judged I hope to be able to clear that up. This was not a show in it’s traditional sense where each car is judged on a score sheet and the one with the most points wins. We wanted to recognize cars that stood out to use as special or unique.

A group of Jade Members walked the entire show, multiple times checking out all of the rides. From there they discussed what stood out to them for each category and hashed it out from there. It was not easy and not without some tension. Eventually they all agreed on the cars they wanted to recognize and the winners were chosen. If you know any of the winners please have them get in contact with us. We were so overwhelmed by the response we forgot to get them.

Outstanding Paint: Alien Vs Predator Motorcycle

Outstanding Performance: DD Anthracite Supra

Outstanding Stance: Green Cadillac CTSV

Outstanding JDM: R33GTS Skyline from Allversion

Outstanding EURO: BMW M6

Outstanding Domestic: Turbo Vette

Outstanding Audio: Chevy Tahoe with Massive Stereo

Outstanding KDM: Justin Bogart’s Genesis Coupe with Blue Gram Light Wheels

Outstanding Interior: IS350 With Bride Seats

In addition to the recognition awards we had some special Sponsored Awards. The first of which was from Magnaflow. They asked us to pick a car that was not all done or over the top. Something clean and going in the right direction. In what may have been a shocking decision we selected a super clean BGN or Buick Grand National. Yes, Jade likes domestics too. If you don’t know what a BGN is I suggest you don’t try to race one on the street unless you are packing some serious power. The lucky owner walked away with a $500 gift certificate from Magnaflow.

The second sponsor award was from our friends at Vortech and it went to a Silver Rocket Bunny FRS. The car was super clean and still NA so we thought this might give him a little help to make the cars power match its race track look.

The final sponsor award was from none other than Scosche. They wanted us to pick a car that brought “The Boom”. This did not mean audio, but instead it was supposed to go to something unique. It was for something that prompted the “you don’t see that every day”. After careful consideration we decided to give it to none other than Manny from Highwaystar Garage. Manny’s STI is unique for sure. From pot holders covers on the turn signal to its “patina”. It is not your everyday Subie. Manny took home a set of Scosche headphones and a boom bottle wireless speaker package valued at $250.

Of course Jade had our cars out there on display. I had my 86 out there with it’s New Cwest body kit. We will be doing a full photoshoot of the new look with our friend Lafayette Britto Photography. Showing off his freshly acquired BMW Z4 was Mike. This car came up really fast and is on point with its TE’s, 3D Design Carbon Lip and Euroworks Front mount just to name a few of the mods already done. Andy and his GTSPEC BRZ made the drive from down south and was looking fresh as always sitting on its TE37SL. Hue’s 135i was out there turning heads left and right all day, it is amazing what a proper stance and aggressive look does for a car, oh and a ton of horse power. Vinny brought out the widebody turbo Integra and it had a line of people taking pictures all day. Last but certainly not least James had his Turbo Spoon S2000 on display. Rounding out our lineup was my brother in law’s fresh WRX sedan sitting on Gram Light 57X’s. He is in the process of trying to become a member and from what we see he is going in the right direction.

Big time thanks to Lafayette Britto Photography and DropGearz Motorsports for taking photos and letting us use them. We are already planning on how to improve for next time and have some great ideas. One of which is better ramps and more of them for the speedbumps. We tried really hard to keep routes open around them but people kept parking in them. We are on it and should have it sorted for next time.

Here is a gallery of a few of the pics we singled out. Hit the links to the other sites to check out some more the photos from the event. If you took photos and have a gallery let us know and we will add them here.



Lafayette Britto Photography Torque Meet Tour Orlando 2014 Coverage

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