Uncle Phils Beetle Turbo

Written By: Ben Duen
What started as a daily driven gift for his daughter Angelie, turned out to be one of the most famous multi-media euros on the east coast. With enough high tech gadgetry to make even James Bond jealous, it is no surprise that Angelie and Uncle Phil’s “ICE Maker” is the recipient to dozens of “Best ICE” (In Car Entertainment), “Best Volkswagen”, and “Best Lighting” awards within the past couple years. If you count awards, trophies, and the long lines at car shows waiting for their turn to play “DDR” or “Halo” on the huge 15″ dash mounted monitor, Uncle Phil and Angelie are without a doubt, the Emperor and Empress of ICE. So what exactly drives this Dynamic Duo to dominate in such a way that is only seen once every dynasty? It might have something to do with the way they live their lives. Uncle Phil always tries to teach daughter Angelie to do the best that you can do at anything that you do. If you are gonna compete, throw everything you got into it . It’s not how much money you have into your ride, it is how much love and effort you put into it. This may explain the countless nights that Uncle spent in his own garage designing and hand crafting his own carbon fiber accents from scratch. With so many awards and titles safely tucked away under their belts, you would think they were done? One look at the new pics and you wouldn’t believe it was the same old Blue beetle. Uncle Phil decided the competition was getting too close for comfort so this was his way of “distancing” the Beetle from the rest of the field. A brand new body kit, a flawless new paint color, new wheels, and a totally revised audio/video multimedia setup just took this Beetle to an unheard of ‘nother’ level. When you check out the car in person and stare right into this Beetles’s bug eyes, the car kinda gives you this look as if to demand you to, “bow down”. And isn’t that just fitting? After all we are talking about royalty here. Long live the Emperor and Empress of ICE.



  • Name: “Uncle” Phil Zepeda


  • ABD Racing Intercooler Pipe
  • Carbon Fiber Battery Cover
  • Carbon Fiber / Fiber Glass Engine Cover
  • Carbon Fiber Oil Cap
  • Carbon Fiber Water Reservoir Cap
  • Chrome Bolts / Washers
  • Chrome Valve Cover
  • Custom Beetle Cup Exhaust System
  • Forge Diverter Valve
  • Neuspeed Turbo Intake Pipe
  • PRM Intake


  • Air Suspension
  • Eurosport Front Strut Tower Bar


  • 19 x 8″ Motegi Racing Rims
  • 225/35/19 Dunlop SP Sport FM901 Tires


  • Cross Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors
  • Mintex Brake Pads
  • Painted Brake Calipers


  • Aluminum Antenna
  • Beetle Cup Kit
  • Beetle Cup Wing
  • Clear Rear Bumper Lenses
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Door Trim
  • Custom Carbon Fiber LED Signal Lights
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Wheel Liner Cover
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Wing End Caps
  • Custom Paint
  • Custom Third Brake Lights
  • Fog Lights
  • Shaved Door Handles
  • Windshield Cowling


  • Aluminum Door Lock Knob
  • Aluminum Handbrake Handle
  • Carbon Fiber Dash Kit
  • Carbon Fiber Door Sills
  • Center Console Gauge Pod
  • Custom Carpets
  • Custom Fiberglass Door Panels
  • Custom Gauge Pods
  • Custom Lightings
  • Custom Lighted Carbon Fiber Floor Mats
  • Folia Tec Metal Step
  • Matching Painted / Carbon Fiber Dash
  • Razo Racing Carbon Fiber Pedal Kit
  • Razo Racing Carbon Fiber Shift Knob
  • Stewart Warner Gauges
  • Universal Upholstery Headliner
  • Universal Upholstery Reupholstered Seats


  • Custom 3 1/2″ Speaker Grilles
  • Custom Fiber Glass Enclosure
  • Custom Motorized 15″ flat Monitor w/ TV Tuner
  • Custom Motorized Keyboard
  • Custom Rear Passenger Console w/ Two 7.2″ Monitors
  • Custom Sony Playstation 2
  • Onboard Personal Computer w/ DVD
  • Pioneer 7″ In-Dash LCD Monitor w/ CD
  • Pioneer XP 9000 Audio / Video Control Unit
  • Pioneer GMX 942 Amplifier 400 Watts
  • Polk MOMO Amplifier Motorized x 2
  • Polk MOMO 12″ Subwoofer Lighted x 2
  • Polk MOMO Components Speakers Lighted x 4
  • Polk MOMO EX351A Coaxial x 2

Media Coverage

  • Hi-Rev Tuner
  • Euro Tuner
  • Part of Max it out TV video
  • Revs Magazine
  • Extra In 2F2F
  • Speedlogic.Net
  • Makes & Models
  • Orlando Sentinel
  • Super Compacto
  • Performance Auto and Sound


Aristocrat VW

Dunlop Tires

Motegi Racing

Polk Audio Momo


Steward Warner


Street Glow

Super Stylings