TPMS Sleeve Cover Change….


The other day I was looking at my rims and was rather unhappy with how my valve stems were looking, I know I am crazy like that. The original set of wheels I had, Gram Light 57X, were winning blue. To add a little flair I went with Anodized Red valve stem sleves and caps from Wheel Mate. I had some red accents in the badges so it kind of made sense.

I have since changed my wheels to Advan TCIII in Matte Black and eliminated the red 86 badges in favor of TRD fins so the red did not really flow anymore. The final straw was some a-hole stealing 2 of the caps and I had to put some silver ones on.

Thankfully the TPMS sleeves I have from Wheel Mate are SUPER EASY to change. I initially thought I would need to get a whole new set and have the tires dismounted, but you actually just unscrew the cover and put a new one on. This literally took 5 minutes to do and now the rims look so much cleaner now.

Step 1: Remove the Cap.

Step 2: Using a 12mm socket unscrew the sleeve.

Step 3: Put the new one on and tighten it with the 12mm socket.

Step 4: Put the new cap on and your done.

Follow the gallery and you will see how easy this is.

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