Titanium Engine Bay Kit for FR-S/BRZ…


I love my 86, I really do. The look, how it drives and how it performs. One thing I am not so thrilled about is the engine. It is, how do you say it? It’s Ugly. It is just not a great looking engine. I have been on a little mission to make the best of what I have to work with. Recently I installed a Grimspeed Pulley cover, Grimspeed 86 Oil Cap and TRD radiator cap. It still was not enough though.

So, while I was at East Coast Garage we through on a few of the other parts that arrived recently. To add a splash of color I had a wrinkle red “crab” from Modelista sent in from Japan.

To complement the TRD radiator cap I put on a few weeks ago I also had a TRD battery clamp shipped over from the land of the rising sun. Unfortunately the US spec battery is bigger than the JDM one so the battery clamp would not fit. To remedy this situation I ordered a yellow top Optima battery. With a little modification the clamp and battery went right in.

Even with all that the engine still needed a little something to set it all off. This is where Dressupbolts.com comes in. They sell a nice set of high quality Titanium Fasteners to replace just about every visible bolt in the engine bay. They offer them in a bunch of colors like red, black and blue. I went with the “true burned”. I like how they are a noticeable but not in your face. The install was pretty straight forward, just remove the stock ones and replace with the titanium ones. All the bolts and washers are nicely labeled and there is a nice diagram that shows where everything goes.

I am not going to lie, this is a purely aesthetic upgrade. I was jokingly telling a few people who stopped by East Coast Garage that it was to save 8 ounces. All and all I think it is a really nice finishing touch for the engine bay. Check them out if you want to add a little bling to your engine bay.


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