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How to get your car sponsored part 6 – Getting the Sponsor 3

I know that I have gone over a whole bunch of things so far about you, your car, car shows and just about everything else. Now we get to the good part. How to apply all that info and actually approach and secure a sponsor.

How to get your car sponsored part 5 – Car Show tips & Tricks 1

In this section I am going to outline a bunch of the best tips and tricks that I have found over my years doing this. These tips and tricks will not only help you out on the score sheet but also make your car show experience more enjoyable.

How to get your car sponsored part 4 – The How

Now you know everything about sponsorship and how it works. You have a car and you picked a style that suits your taste. Now its time to start building your car. In this section of the series I give you tips on how to build your car without wasting time […]

How to get your car sponsored part 3 – The Style 2

Part 1 of the How to Get Your Car Sponsored series was about the basics and part 2 focused on the car. Part 3 focuses on Style of the car which is just as important as the other aspects.