Stooki’s Spoon Honda S2000


Written By: Ben Duen
*BRRRRING!* “James, Import Tuner Magazine is on the phone-they want to know how you feel about having a 6 page feature done on you and the S2000.” *BRRRING!* “James, it’s HCI Magazine. They wanna find out if its ok to use your car for one of their featured articles about upgraded brake installs.” *BRRRING!* “James, Import Racer Magazine is on the line- them boys wanna find out if you’re up to meeting with them to get your car shot for an upcoming multi-page featured spread.” *BRRRING!* “James, how come you don’t answer your own damn calls you high profile little biatch!” James Kendrick, affectionately known as Stooki(S2K…get it?) has always been in demand with his clean S2000.. but he has never experienced a year like this. This year has been absolutely insane. His S2000 has been covered by more media than some hollywood celebrities and with big baller companies like Toyo, Eagle 1, and Mackin Industries backing him up– the hotness level in this cars isn’t likely to be slowing down anytime soon. What’s coming up for the rest of the year? This car has another possible trip back to the magazine stands and a host of planned upgrades that’ll make you say, “Damn. I can’t believe it’s even hotter now.”


  • Name: James Kendrick
  • Member Since: 2003


  • Current: 2003 Honda S2000
  • Lamborghini Giallo Orion Pearl


  • Spoon blueprinted and balanced full long block
  • Inline Pro 3mm head gasket
  • Chris Barnes’ dual valve spring setup
  • LoveFab GT1 Turbo Manifold
  • LoveFab 4″ to 3″ downpipe
  • Garrett GT35R turbine
  • LoveFab Remote oil filter w/ oil cooler
  • Custom silver veined intercooler piping
  • GReddy Type RS B.O.V.
  • 1000cc Injectors
  • GM MAP sensor conversion
  • AEM EMS tuned by Chris Barnes
  • custom RS*R ExMag GTII 3″ downpipe back exhaust
  • Spoon Radiator (street type)
  • Samco Radiator hoses
  • Speed Inc. Thermostat
  • Speed Inc. Fan switch
  • Speed Inc. Rad. cap
  • Top Fuel Power Neo (gen 1)
  • Spoon grounding kit
  • Kuwano DPS battery ground
  • Hawker Oddessy dry cell battery
  • Spoon Catch can
  • Tein hood dampers
  • ARC radiator shroud
  • Spoon resivoir covers
  • Spoon radiator stays w/ Spoon titanium bolts
  • brushed aluminum frame rail cover


  • Tein Flex w/ EDFC
  • Spoon X-brace
  • Spoon rear tie bar
  • Cusco front and rear sway bar
  • Cusco chromoly 5 point roll cage with harness bar
  • ARC titanium front STB


  • 18×8 +34 and 18×9 +42 Volk SF Challange
  • Project Mu lugnuts


  • Project Mu forged calipers (4 piston, 4 pad)
  • Project Mu B-Force pads
  • Project Mu brake lines
  • Project Mu SCR-Pro rotors


  • Lamborghini Giallo Orion Yellow pearl paint (PPG)
  • C-West type I front bumper
  • Veilside version 1 trunk lid spoiler
  • shaved emblems
  • JDM sidemarkers
  • clear USDM headlight diffusers
  • Spoon blue wide mirrors


  • Spoon carbon kevlar racing buckets
  • Spoon steering wheel
  • Spoon steering hub
  • Defi link series Boost, Water temp, and Oil pressure gauges with control unit I in custom dash mount
  • AEM UEGO Wideband AFR w/ gauge
  • Takata 4 point harnesses
  • Takata sholder pads
  • ARC titanium shift knob
  • Project Mu pedals
  • cutom Carbon kevlar airbag lid cover (all SRS is removed)


  • Kenwood HU
  • Component Speakers
  • 12″ sub and amp in the trunk


  • Import Tuner Sept. 2005
  • HCI May 2006 (brake install)
  • Import Racer/ Import Performance