SEMA 2013 Coverage…Jade Style


So we are finally getting our coverage up from SEMA this year. We apologize for taking so long to get the “official” pictures up but boy has it been a task. You see the day before I left for SEMA I got an email from our webhost saying that they had to take our site down due to some sort of “usage points”.

You see even though we had unlimited space and bandwidth they came up with some other metric so they could try and push us to a way more expensive hosting plan which they would let us have for free for 30-days. Because of all that we could not add any new content until we moved to our new host. Thankfully that is all done and we are up and running on our new host.

Now onto the real meat of this post. This year a bunch of us made the pilgrimage to the meca of car shows aka SEMA. I hadn’t been to SEMA since 2007 when we built the XA for the Scion Tuner Challenge.

If you follow us on facebook, twitter or instagram, which you should, you should have seen a ton of pictures of our adventures. We saw cars, met friends from years back, ate amazing food and attended some great parties.

As many of you know we now have an LA chapter and it is headed up by Brian, who happens to work at Mackin Industries. Yes, that Mackin Industries. The one that imports all our favorite JDM goodies like Rays, Volk, Advan, PMU and more.


Brian had been hard at work readying his Evo X for display at the Mackin booth. His Evo was fitted with a Varis Type D widebody kit with the Varis CF trunk all wrapped in Avery matte white by Impressive Wrap, a Garrett GTX3076R turbo, a safety 21 cage, and 2 sets of Gramlight 57C6 wheels. Stay tuned for a full feature on his refresh of the Evo soon.

Brian did not have the only Jade car to be on display at SEMA. His brother Henry’s FR-S was at the PMU booth sporting a fresh set of Advan RGIII wheels and some all new carbon fiber by Seibon. There will also be a full feature on Henry’s car soon too.


After checking in with Brian we took off to tour the show. If you have never been to SEMA you have no clue how big it is. I literally walked for 3 days and still missed stuff. Personally I was on the hunt for new 86 goodies and there were quite a few there.

The biggest things for me were the new headlights available. Spyder was displaying their headlights on none other than Henry’s FR-S in the PMU booth. The spyder headlights feature a led strip like the JDM headlights along with a “Audi” style strip along the bottom and a “BMW” style halo.

Winjet also had a set of headlights out and they are a true JDM replica. Black housing with just the LED strip from the JDM headlights. There was also another set that I missed.

Ok, enough with the 86 obsession and onto the standouts of the show. I will start off with the car that I heard the most “did you see the” comments about. The Liberty Walk 458 Italia. This thing was SICK! I would seriously consider selling an organ for it, do you really need 2 kidneys?


Every angle of the car is mean yet pretty. Sporty yet luxurious. It was just plain gorgeous.

Speaking of Liberty Walk, they were the standout of the show without even having a booth. In addition the the Ferrari they had an amazing right hand drive GTR that looked like it was ready to eat your children, with a little Grey Poupon and quite a few other cars in the gallery below.


One of the other noticeable things was the use of the 2JZ motor in different cars. Ken Gushi’s Rocket Bunny 10 Series FR-S was sporting a nice 2JZ. This new Lexus GS was also sporting the famous Toyota motor in an install that looked like it rolled off the assembly line in there.



The other car that was kind of a standout at the show was the new Corvette Stingray. They were strewn throughout the whole show and boy do I like them. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of my dad’s as soon as it arrives. Another one of my personal favorites was this 911. It is just super clean and so classy. Plus being a Porsche you could totally drive it daily.


We have over 300 high res photos up on our Flickr account so go stop by there, but be prepared to take some time.

Jade SEMA 2013 Flickr Gallery


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