Scion FR-S Steering Wheels from DCT Motorsports…


This weekend I made a little trip down to Tampa to see my buddy Doug at East Coast Garage to take care of a few things. One of the big mods I needed to get taken care of was to install a new steering wheel from DCT Motorsports. They offer two different steering wheels

for the 86 platform. One is a factory wheel wrapped in suede with a red stripe at the top of the wheel. The other is a custom D Shaped carbon fiber steering wheel.

I was putting the carbon wheel in my car to match all of my other carbon fiber accents. However, DCT needed some nice installed pics of the OEM rewrapped wheel so they sent us one to test install and shoot. The install is really straight forward and there are a ton of DIY all over the net for it. The only tricky part is on the carbon wheel. Since it is an aftermarket you need to swap the lock pins for the airbag from the stock wheel to the carbon fiber one.

No real need to review the OEM wheel, its well, OEM. The wrap looks perfect and the materials are nice. Now the Carbon fiber wheel is not an OEM core but it looks just about identical. It feels really solid and strong. DCT told me they use a manufacturer who makes them for Lexus. All of the parts from the OEM wheel like the pins, damper and cruise control swapped right in and fit perfectly.

The wheel feels solid in your hands and a little thicker than the OEM wheel. I really like the feel of the wheel. The D-Shape gives me a little more leg room too. I think the wheel really sets off the interior and goes awesome with all the carbon fiber I have. I would say if you are looking to get a new steering wheel that keeps the factory airbag you need to give DCT a call.

I would also like to give a huge thanks to Doug at East Coast Garage for all the awesome work he has done on the car. If you ever need anything done I highly recommend you reach out to him.
TEL: 408.802.4500

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