Scion FR-S Plug and Play HID kit installed


Here is an update on a mod I did a while ago and forgot to post. Not being happy with the factory lights I threw in a plug and play HID kit with 5000K bulbs and slim ballasts. This was a super easy mod.

The hardest part of the whole deal was finding a good place to stick the ballasts. The kit was super easy, all the harness used factory connections and no splicing was required. You just need to take the old bulbs out, and put the new HID bulb in. I put the ballast on a part of the frame to the right and left of the headlights. Fit nicely and was totally out of the way. I ran the wires up above the headlight and zip tied it. I then zip tied it to the factory wire harness that was right there. Nice and clean, almost factory looking.


The lights are awesome looking and despite what people say they do not blind anyone and the cutoff is almost factory looking.

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