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I love my FR-S GT86. It looks fantastic, handles like a go-cart and gets great MPG. One of the little things I do not like about the car is the cheap fake carbon fiber look they put on the dash and window switches. To fix this I wrapped it in less cheap fake carbon fiber. The 3M Dinoc matte carbon fiber is a great looking product, it looks almost real. Compare that to the not so carbon fiber looking carbon fiber that Toyota put on their and it is night and day.

Last night I popped off the radio surround and the panel to the right of it and got to work. All that was needed was the left over 3M Dinoc matte carbon fiber I had left over from Project VIP, my heat gun, a vinyl squeegee, a razor blade and some patience.

I did the large panel first. It was pretty easy to do since the 3M stretches so easily. If you mess up you can just pull it up, hit it with some heat and re stretch it. There were no real issues with this panel, a novice could handle it easily.

You need to make sure that you are aware of the direction of the weave. I went as far as to lay the large panel down and then put the radio next to it just like it would be in the car. I then laid the vinyl over the radio and aligned the weaves. This way when it is in the car the weaves line up perfectly.

The radio surround takes a little more skill but I think a novice could handle it also. The hardest parts are the corners that are closest to the steering wheel. This took a lot of patience, heating, pulling and re stretching. You have to trim these corners close making it tough to pull and stretch. Even after I got it as best as I could I still needed to heat it a little in the car and smooth one particularly tough wrinkle out.

I haven’t done the ac control surround or window switches yet. I plan on leaving the AC surround in the car and just cutting the vinyl close to size, heating and trimming carefully. I will pop the window switches out to do those, they look easy to get out.

I think it came out great and is a big improvement over the factory finish.

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