Project86 Can Finally Breathe!


One of the very few complaints I have about the Scion FR-S Toyota86 is that it really has no exhaust note or as Jeremy Clarkson described it “It’s just the sound of petrol exploding in a metal box.”. To take care of this I decided to add an MXP stainless steel catback exhaust and a Motiv Concepts test pipe. This will not only take care of the sound issue but will also add some power, which the car needs a little more of.

MXP offers two exhausts for the FR-S, a full titanium unit at a MSRP of over $2,000 and a stainless steel one with just titanium tips that is only about $1,000. I went with the stainless for the obvious cost savings. They both make the same power and the weight savings on the titanium unit is not enough for me to justify the extra cost.

The exhaust is a beautiful piece, the welds look great and the bends look even and smooth, Japanese quality at it’s best.


The test pipe replaces the “front pipe” of the exhaust setup that contains one of the factory cats. Be warned, this unit is for off road use only but since we in Florida do not have emissions checks there is no issue for me. Motiv parts are made in the USA and the quality is also fantastic. Tight welds good looking stainless material. Just a great piece.


For the install I went to Doug at East Coast Garage, one of the few people I trust to work on my cars. The install of the two items could not be any easier.

Step1: Put the car on the lift.
Step2: Remove the factory exhaust.
Step3: Bolt in the new units.

Take off a couple of bolts and rubber hangers and the factory exhaust comes right off, unless you are us. We had a “stuck” stud where the factory front pipe connects to the “s pipe” or “over pipe”. 3 of the 4 nuts came off the studs without a hitch.

On the 4th the nut and stud were spinning together. It was nothing we did, just an over tightened nut from factory. Unfortunately we had to cut that stud off and then drill it out. After about 8 drill bits we (funny how I say we since I just watched) finally got through.


To attach the test pipe to the factory S Pipe using the factory gasket and then just line it up and put the 4 nuts on.

This is important, don’t tighten anything at this point. Just attach everything and leave them loose so you can adjust and align everything the way you want. At the end you will tighten everything.

In our case Doug put a bolt and nut in place of the stud we had to drill out. To gain access to the back to tighten it he had to cut out a little bit of the factory S Pipes heat shield. This is not a big deal, especially since a Motiv Unit is planned to replace it in the near future.

Next you hang the mid pipe and then you hang the muffler section. Re use the factory doughnut gasket when attaching the mid pipe and muffler sections. Tighten up all of the fittings and adjust your hangers so the exhaust sits nicely.

Once you have everything in Doug likes to tighten from front to back. That way when you get to the muffler section the mid section is not moving.

The last step is to install and align the tips. It is nice that the tips are bolt on so you can set them as far in our out as you want. We chose to have them stick out just a bit past the edge of the rear bumper.

I could not be happier with my exhaust choices. I had heard great things about the test pipe and how much “snappier” it makes the car feel and they were all true. Some people were afraid that the test pipe would be “raspy” but in all honesty it has 0 rasp to it.

When combined with MXP exhaust you just get a nice low rumble. It is “loud” when you are really getting on it, but at idle and even cruising in 6th gear it is noticeable but not annoying. Just listen to the video I posted a few days ago.

I haven’t had a chance to take it out to a dyno to see what kind of power it makes but I plan to. I will say the good old “butt dyno” is sensing some extra ponies.

Much thanks to Doug at East Coast Garage for the install. Also if you are looking for these parts for your car he is a dealer for both MXP and Motiv. He has great prices and offers free shipping on his site. Check it out for any parts you need for your car. He is currently updating and adding more parts to the site, if you don’t see what you want just give him a call.

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