Project 86, the one year review…


It has been just over a year since I picked up my 2013 Scion FR-S. I put a lot of thought and consideration into selecting the car as my next project. In the year since I have owned her I have put just over 12,000 miles on her, a little high for me actually. Part of the reason for the extra miles is I have made several trips to Tampa to have a slew of work done to the car by Doug at East Coast Garage.

Lets start with the “issues” I have had with the car. The first thing that I had to visit the dealer for was the infamous “crickets”. I had the fuel pump replaced and they went away, for 2 weeks. So far it looks like this noise is just something I will have to deal with.

The only other reason I had to visit the dealer was to have my drivers side tail light replaced due to condensation. I do have one more thing that bugs the shit out of me which I will be bringing the car in for. The window switches rattle under even mild bass. Really annoying.

Other than that the car has been solid. Runs like a champ and does everything I expected it to and much more. I can not believe this car only cost $25,000.

Here are a few of my observations about the car since owning it. I loved the look of the factory seats, hated the fit. For a “bigger” guy they are snug to say the least. After my first trip to Tampa I knew they were going to be gone. I love the EvoX Recaro seats I replaced them with, so much more comfortable.


My second favorite mod has the be the brakes. They stop like a mother and just look sexy as hell too.


The car always handled great even from stock, it is just a ton of fun to drive. With the addition of the coilovers, braces, sway bars and bushings it is so dialed in now. It is straight up point and shoot. I love it.

Power, yes I want more of it. I am however scared of going FI due to the surprising amount of stock motors going bad. I think I will be waiting out my warranty period before going to boost. For me I would like to have about 250-300 at the wheels to keep the car easy to drive, predictable and not just a tire burning monster. I do have hopes of getting into some autox or track days in the future too.

Overall I am super happy with the car, actually I love it and am looking forward to many more miles.

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