Project 86 Modding Weekend…


This weekend I took a trip down to see my friend Doug at East Coast Garage to install the latest batch of parts on Project86 and boy what a crazy weekend of modding. We had a total of 3 projects to tackle, that does not sound too bad now does it? We it wouldn’t be if we were using straight up bolt on mods, but being us we had to be doing the custom and difficult route.

The only mod that was a straight up bolt on was the Takeda Stage-2 PRO 5R Intake System. This was literally an 8 minute install. The top section of the intake is totally straight forward and following the Takeda instructions. You basically unbolt the stock stuff swap a few grommets and bang you are done. The only tricky part was the stock snorkel removal. The Takeda instructions say to undo the drivers side fender liner, side marker, the top tabs along the bumper and pull the bumper off to gain access to the bolts.

Instead we just undid the top tabs on the bumper and I pulled up on it while Doug used a special angled ratcheting wrench to undo the two 10mm bolts that hold in on. Then Doug wiggled the snorkel out. This worked quite easily. It really goes to show you it is all about having the right tools. The whole thing took under 10 minutes.

The other two mods we tackled this weekend were a custom big brake kit and custom fitted EvoX Recaro Seats. For the brake kit we used a bunch of stuff from Project Mu and a set of Brembo calipers that came off an Mitsubishi EvoX that we custom painted to match the Project Mu rotors.

I will be posting a full write-up on both mods later when I get caught up.

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