Nice and Low; Project M45 Gets Low


Well the install is finally done thanks to Doug at East Coast Garage and the Boys at The Audio Revolution in Orlando. It was really a bolt on install but as Doug so aptly said “Don’t say anything is easy”. The full tech article is on the I ran off and did a quick photoshoot of the ride sitting proper.

UPDATE: Added a Youtube video of the system in action.

I am so happy with the way the it all came out. Full up is about 1-2 over stock height and all the way down sets it on the ground. After the install was done I made sure to get the car aligned the next day. I was lucky to find a place willing to work on my modified car and they did an awesome job.

Since we put in a whole new suspension everything was out of wack and the steering wheel was tilted when you drove. We had to leave the rear toe slightly out for now until I can roll and pull the rear fenders a little. When we set the toe perfect it removes some camber and caused me not to be able to go full down. We removed the front fender liners and I will also be rolling the front fenders so I can drive with the suspension lower.

The ride is 200% better than the car was with my springs and factory shocks.

Air System Information:

System Manufacturer: Air Runner
System Model: Infiniti M45 2WD/ 2003-2004(Y34)
Part Number: #2986
MSRP: $4,293 USD
Estimated Install: $1500 – $1600

Kit Contents:

  • 2 Front Sleeved 4-Dial Struts
  • 2 Rear Bellowed 4-Dial Bags
  • 1 Tank (Standard or Pancake)
  • 1 Heavy Duty Compressor
  • 1 Mounting Plate
  • 1 Pressure Switch

More Information on Air Runner Y34 Air Suspension

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