Need more Toyota…


I already got rid off all traces of Scion on the outside of Project 86 but staring me in the eye everyday is a big fat Scion logo on the steering wheel. There is a JDM version of the airbag with a nice simple embossed 86 in the middle but that costs about $800 and you have to swap the “bomb” that sets it off from your airbag. For me I would rather spend $800 on something like a header.

Using a DIY I found on I went about putting a Toyota logo on there instead. I got my logo on ebay by searching “Toyota Airbag Emblem”. It cost about $12 and was here in a week. The process is fairly straight forward. You basically use a no mar tool to pry the scion logo us and then cut the little posts that hold it in. You can remove the airbag if you want, I did mine with it on and was just careful. I did pull the fuse relay so the horn was not going off all the time.

After you have the silver part of the logo off you will be left with the raised plastic that was on the inside of the emblem. I used a cordless dremmel tool and grinded it down. It made a little mess in the car but was easy.

Once the area was flat it was time to prep the new emblem. The new emblem had posts on it too. I cut those off and then ground down the nubs with my cordless dremmel. The emblem I got was open, meaning that I would have to come up with something to fill the open areas. I had some extra 3M Dinoc Carbon Fiber Vinyl lying around so I thought that would work.

I placed the emblem over the cf, did a quick trace and cut it out with scissors. Since the area I was attaching the emblem to was not perfect I wanted a flat backing. I found a plastic lid I had lying around and did the same trace and cut. Then I applied the vinyl to the plastic.

I was not digging the bright chrome in your face logo so I wanted to tone it down. I quick coat of plastidip and it was a nice matte black. Next I used some crazy glue to attach the logo to the vinyl “plate”.

The last step was to attach the new logo to the old location. My emblem was a little larger than the void but I did not want to grind the logo or the void and possibly mess it up. Instead I just used the emblem at the size it was and tried to position it to look good. I used an epoxy to attach the emblem and taped it down with some blue painters tape to dry.

I am happy with my $16 result.


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