Mo’s Spoon Honda S2000

Written by: Ben Duen “Mo knows.” Mo knows Hondas–he’s got four. Mo knows S2000’s–his S2000’s won more awards and trophies than some people have underwear. Mo knows JDM–he is soo JDM that when he isn’t adding mods to the S2k, he’s selling one of the most famous JDM thing ever to have been created. Mo sells Hello Kitty for a living. Yes you heard right. Homeboy has

a store at the Florida Mall in Orlando that sells Hello Kitty, Japanese Anime, models, and Options video (worth a visit if you ever come to O-Town). Some might find it funny that a grown man sells stuffed dolls to bring home the bacon but one look at his super clean S2000 and the laughter abruptly stops and is immediately replaced by statements like, “Damn?!?! How can I sell me some Hello Kitty and afford a whip like that?!?” In it’s current state, this supermodel breaks all the necks cruising down the fly-way and has already graced the cover of HCI magazine earlier this year. What’s in store in the upcoming year? Let’s just say there are a lot of things that Mo knows… but slowing down ain’t one of em. Keep checking back for a complete teardown of the C-West enhanced body in favor of something a little bit newer, and a little bit wider, and a little bit tighter. Get ready peoples, what you see from Mo this year just might “Amuse” you.


  • Name: Mo Hassenjee
  • Member Since: 2007


  • 2002 Honda S2000 – Grand Prix White – RETIRED


  • Spoon Carbon Air Duct
  • Spoon Air Filter
  • Spoon Throttle Body
  • Spoon Header
  • Spoon N1 Exhaust System
  • Spoon ECU
  • Spoon Magnetic Drain Bolts
  • Spoon Radiator
  • Spoon Oil Cap
  • Spoon Radiator Cap
  • Spoon Carbon Kevlar Plug Cover
  • Spoon Battery
  • Spoon Earth Code grounding Kit
  • Spoon Titanium Bolts
  • Spoon Radiator Stays
  • Spoon Spark Plugs
  • Motul Engine Oil


  • Spoon Fully adjustable Damper Suspsension
  • Spoon Front Sway Bar
  • Spoon Rear Sway Bar
  • Spoon Front strut Tower bar
  • Spoon X-brace
  • Spoon Rear Lower Arm Tie bar


  • Front: 17×7 Super Advan Racing Version 2’s Gunmetal w/Polished Lip
  • Rear: 17×8 Super Advan Racing Version 2’s Gunmetal w/Polished Lip
  • Yokohama AVS ES100 Tires
  • Project Kics Titanium Lug Nuts


  • Spoon 4 Piston Monoblock Calipers


  • C-west Front Bumper
  • C-west Carbon Canards
  • C-west Air Duct Covers
  • C-west Sides
  • C-west Rear
  • C-west Dry Carbon Hood
  • C-west GT1 Carbon Wing
  • JDM Headlights
  • Cusco Hood Pins
  • Spoon Blue Wide Mirrors
  • Spoon Windshield Banner
  • Spoon Mark Stickers


  • Spoon 4 Point Rollcage
  • Spoon Steering Wheel
  • Spoon Titanium Shift Knob
  • Takata Racing Harnesses
  • Defi Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Defi Water Temp Gauge
  • Defi Link Control Unit


  • Kenwood Excellon MP3 Headunit
  • 1 12″ Planet Audio Neo Magnet Carbon Cone Sub
  • Custom Pure 100% Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Sub Enclosure/Box
  • Rockford Fostgate Amp


  • Cover of HCI April 2005
  • Import Tuner March 2004