Larry’s Busa

Written By: Ben Duen
In our 10 year history, Jade Motorsports never had a vehicle like this in the stables. It sounds familiar on paper–hot custom paint, lots of chrome, aftermarket wheels wrapped with wide and low profile tires, trick suspension, insane power to weight ratio, and more bling than some of the celebrities on mtv cribs. But two major differences seperates this ride from all the rest in Jade–This vehicle is faster than a Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, Mclaren F1, and any other supercar you can think of. And secondly, it does this on two less wheels. Jade’s first exotic Hayabusa superbike is the brainchild of none other than our own Larry Mcneely (not to be confused with his identical twin Filipino brother Mike Villanueva). Some of you older folks may remember Larry and his over-the-top air suspension’d Accord (first Honda in the East tucking 20’s) rolling with Jade since 98. When it comes to hot rides, Larry ain’t no rookie but even he has outdone it this time with the Busa. Pictures do not explain to you how sweet this bike is–the damn thing has infamously won awards at “CAR” Shows. That is like a MAN winning the Miss America Pageant. What’s next for the big man they label “Jade Crew’s Bodyguard”? He is in the middle of building a crazy S13 Silvia drift car to compliment his bike Stay tuned for more on this superstar while we leave you with one of Larry’s favorite mottos: “To me, The Jade Crew is number 1, because all others are number 2…..or lower.”


  • Name: “Lair” Larry Mcneely
  • Member Since: 1998


  • Larry’s Hyabusa – RETIRED


  • wiseco standard bore pistons
  • ape cam chain tensioner
  • ape cam gears
  • twin intake cams
  • cometic head gasket
  • custom intake
  • hmf dual high mount race system


  • custom swing arm with outlaw loop chrome
  • tricky air ride chrome
  • ufo undertail


  • rc component pacific 17×3.5 front chrome
  • rc component pacific 18×8.5 rear chrome
  • metzler 240/40/18 rear tire
  • metzler 120/70/17


  • galfer steel brake lines
  • chrome rotors
  • chrome brake calipers


  • chrome sporttech windscreen
  • chrome tank
  • chrome frame
  • axle-frame dress up kit chrome
  • chrome forks
  • chrome lowering triple trees
  • chrome mirror block off
  • custom cut sued seats
  • bullet bar ends chrome
  • engine cover chrome
  • starter cover chrome
  • vortex gas cap chrome
  • vortex peg assembley chrome
  • custom chrome grips
  • custom chrome levers
  • chrome switch housing
  • chrome fluid res. with caps