Kevin’s JDM Honda Civic EG-6 Hatchback

Written By: Ben Duen

1992 Honda Civic EG-6 Hatchback – Vehicle Summary:

Kevin built his Honda Civic hatchback with a straight up JDM style. Everything on this Honda Civic is fresh off the boat from Japan. The wheels are one of only 4 sets of Volk TE37 Cups in this fitament. To power his Honda Civic hatchback Kevin went with an Imported B18GSR motor and hooked it up with parts from Spoon Sports and Skunk2. To keep his little Honda Civic Hatchback planted on the road Cusco and Bars and a TIEN coilover system do the work. For stopping power on this Honda Civic Hatchback Spoon Sports Calipers and a Honda Civic SI rotor swap was done. The exterior of his Honda Civic Hatchback was not left out either. JDM Honda Civic, JDM Honda Civic Headlights, JDM Honda Civic Fenders, JDM Honda Civic Tailights and JDM Honda Civic Hatch glass were swapped on before the whole car was coated in Imola orange pearl. Kevin may be younge but he built one hell of a JDM Honda Civic Hatchback.

About Kevin

It wasn’t that long ago in which I could still remember Kevin’s only form of transportation was either a BMX bike or an understading mother. I can still remember 6 years ago when he was talking about Pokemon and toys. Damn he’s grown up fast. Being 19 years of age and the youngest member in Jade, he already has recognition and props from his peers with one of the sweetest JDM style civic hatchers in the Sunshine State. How is this possible?? Well, it definitely helps when your big brother is Brian Duong, a pioneer in the import scene, a previous rep for Racing Zone Autohouse, and now a rep for Mackin Industries (Volk Racing). Kevin spent the bulk of his early teenage years in the garage watching big brother Brian hooking up his show stopping Eclipse (RIP) or watching other Jade cars during their buildups. He’s also tagged along at nearly every single car show and event we attended and competed in back in the day. Basically, we made it so that it was damn near impossible not to have some of that knowledge and experience soak into his young mind. So by the time he was ready to start his first project car, he had no bad habits and he had the mentality of a world class competitor practically hardwired into his brain. Just one look at what he has accomplished with the awards and his recent feature in Import Tuner Magazine- and you can tell…this grasshopper of ours is ready for the season.

  • Name: Kevin Yang
  • Member Since: 2002


  • 1992 Honda Civic EG-6 – Imola Orange with Pearl – RETIRED

Honda Civic Hatchback ENGINE/DRIVETRAIN

  • ARP Head Studs
  • B18 GSR Engine
  • DC Sports JDM Spec 4-into-1 Header
  • Greddy SP Exhaust System
  • Injen Short Ram Intake
  • Skunk2 Intake Manifold
  • Spoon Radiator Cap
  • Spoon Oil Cap
  • Spoon Valve Cover
  • Spoon Head Gasket
  • Spoon Kevlar Spark Plug Cover

Honda Civic Hatchback – SUSPENSION

  • Spoon Lower Tie Bar
  • TEIN Type SS Coilovers
  • Upper A-Pillar Bar
  • Cusco Carbon Fiber Front Tower Bar
  • Cusco Carbon Fiber Rear Tower Bar
  • Cusco Four Point Roll Cage

Honda Civic Hatchback – STREET WHEELS / TIRES

  • 15 x 7″ Volk Racing TE37 Cup
  • 205/50/15 TOYO Tires

Honda Civic Hatchback – BRAKES

  • 2000 Civic Si Discs
  • Cusco Brake Cylinder Stoppers
  • Spoon Calipers
  • Project Mu Brake Pads

Honda Civic Hatchback – EXTERIOR

  • Carbon Fiber Trunk
  • Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  • JDM Fender Conversion
  • JDM Headkights and Taillights
  • JDM Rear Window
  • Nin Autosports Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Spoon Carbon Fiber Lipv
  • Spoon Side Mirrors
  • Vision Smoke Amber Corner Lens

Honda Civic Hatchback – INTERIOR

  • Custom Carbon Fiber Fuel Pump Cover
  • Gutted and Painted Interior
  • Honda CTR Steering Wheel
  • JDM SiR II Gauge Cluster
  • JDM SiR II Clock
  • Spoon Kevlar Bucket Seats
  • Takata Harnesses
  • Takata Seatbelt Harnesses

Honda Civic Hatchback – I.C.E.

  • NA

Honda Civic Hatchback – SPONSORS

Mackin Industries
Volk Racing / Project U / ARC / Project Kics / Espelir / Polarg
562.946.6820 Tel
562.944.7719 Fax