JJ’s Eclipse


Written By: Ben Duen

Joseph Antequino. AKA “JJ”, AKA “Turbo Da Bunny”, AKA “Tiger Woods”, AKA Brown Sugar (ok, I made that last on up). When you say the two letters, “O” and “G” together– it is supposed to described someone who’s been there and done that. An “OG” is an originator, a pioneer, the first of their kind, and the term “OG” describes JJ perfectly. It was nearly a decade ago when Russ introduced us to this OG. Even back then, JJ was already rocking the infant import scene. His nawz’d up Civic was terrorizing the streets of Cali and when he moved across the coasts to Orlando , the styling cues on his Turbo Eclipse and Supra TT influenced many a DSM and Supra fans in the southeast back in the day. It didn’t take long for us to gel with JJ. And once us “brothers from a whole lot of different mothers” put our heads together, Jade Motorsports and Jade Autogear was created. For a while, JJ took a break from the scene to get his “Life” on. And to his credit, he has got to be one of the hardest working slackers I know. In about 3 blinks of an eye, he’s earned a BA in psyche, a position with the mother of all US tech companies- Microsoft, a masters degree, and he somehow managed to find time in between all that to sidework as a realtor for Century 21 (Need to buy or sell a house in the area? Shoot him an email.). Need more over achieving? On his spare time while he was earning his masters and with no prior experience, JJ managed to do a successful motor swap on a 240sx project using scrap tools from his garage, a rinky dink flashlight, and instructions found on the internet! Now he is back on the scene with an example of the critically acclaimed new Boxster S. No more nitrous this or turbo that, nowadays it is all about refinement for this OG. Less than a month of ownership and his Silver Porsche is already lowered and rimmed out. What’s in store for this G-ride next? All I can say is don’t blink, this OG works fast and hella overachieves.

Mods and Specifications:


  • Name: “JJ” Joseph Antequino
  • Member Since: 1997


  • JJ’s Mitsubishi Eclipse GST – RETIRED