James Porsche Targa Widebody

James Bennett aka “WBJ” and his Porsche 911 Targa Widebody

Written by: James Bennett aka “WBJ”

Ahh, the car I never really had. Once my Mroadster was sold and off to Vegas I had a wad of cash and big dreams. I wanted to build my very own GT3RSR street car but with a show flare. I called up one of the companies that makes the GT3RS widebody kits for the race teams and asked for some pricing. The first question the guy asked me was what team I race with. I answered none, I just want the kit. I decided that I liked the Techart front nose better than the race kit so I got a copy one, since we would be cutting it up to get it to flow with the widebody fenders.

Once the kit was set I ordered a set of custom made Volk GTV 19″ Rims in Diamond Black. These things were sick the rears were 11 inches wide and fit some serious rubber. This was all done and in my garage before I even owned a 911.

After sourcing a 2002 911 Targa from an auction at a steal due to 2 minor electrical issues and some scuffs on the paint work began on the build, or so I thought. I took the car over to the shop that did our Time Attack Scion XA and they said they were “hooking me up”. Well over a year later with the work still not finished and me having driven the car maybe 4 times I gave them an ultimatum. Finish it or I am coming to get it. The finally got the car done and the work was flawless. Just a tip, beware of the “hook up” at a body shop. They are notorious for taking to much work and since you are paying a lot your car gets bumped and not worked on.

I only had about 1 year to tour the car and take it to events which it did very well at. Then I got married and bought a house. The huge car payment from when I was single with no obligations didn’t really make sense so she went up for sale. She went to a good home in South Florida and I actually made money on the build, which never happens. I have since moved on to Project VIP my 2003 Infiniti M45.



  • Name: “WBJ” James Bennett
  • Member since: 1998


  • James’ Porsche 911 Targa – RETIRED


  • K&N 63 Series Cold Air Intake
  • 996 MAXFLO Sport Headers
  • Agencypower Stainless Exhaust System


  • K&W Variant 3 Coilovers
  • Wide Track Spacers
  • Stud Conversion
  • Porsche OEM GT3 Front Sway Bar
  • Porsche OEM GT3 Rear Sway Bar
  • Front Agency Power Sway End Links
  • Rear Agency Power Sway End Links


  • Volk GTV 19″ Rims Diamond Black
  • TOYO T1-R [F & R]


  • Agency Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Porsche Brembo 4 Pot Calipers
  • Porsche Brembo Cross Drilled Rotors/li>


  • Kics R40 Neo Chro
  • NR Auto TA TypeII Front Bumper (modified to fit widebody)
  • Carbon Fiber Front Lip
  • GT3RS (cupcar) 1.5″ Per Side Widebody Front Fenders
  • GT3RS (cupcar) 2″ Per Side Widebody Rear Overfenders
  • GT3RS (cupcar) 2″ Per Side Rear Widebody Bumper
  • GT3RS (cupcar) Rockers
  • Getty Design Carbon Fiber Hood
  • GT2 Wing/Decklid with Carbon Fiber Blade
  • House of Kolor Candy Black Cherry Paint
  • Blacked out rear tail lights


  • Factory Performated Willow Leather
  • Factory Burlwood Trim


  • Factory


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Toyo Tires
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Nitrous Express Inc.
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