It’s time to make a Ruckus! 8


Let’s face it, most scooters are not the “coolest” rides out there. You say the word scooter to most people and they think of some effeminate guy with an ascot on a Vespa. Although there is one scooter that has really caught on with the import crowd, the Honda Ruckus.

Just look at it, its not your average fruity scooter. Fresh out of the box it has a slightly “mean” look to it with it’s knobby tires and the tube frame, especially in black.

Now don’t expect to be setting any land speed records with the Ruckus, thanks to it’s 49cc engine. The top speed on the Ruckus is only supposedly about 38 MPH. Now there are some benefits to the 49cc engine. The first is in Florida you don’t need a motorcycle endorsement for anything under 50cc. The second benefit is that the Ruckus should get at least 100 miles per gallon.

If you ask me the best thing about the Honda Ruckus is that there are tons of aftermarket parts available for the Ruckus. Since you know that people like us can leave things alone this has helped the Ruckus catch on with the Import Crowd.

They make everything for these scooters from lowering kits to stretched frames. If you thought that the Ruckus looked good from factory check out a totally hopped up version, people get pretty sick with these.

If and when I hopefully get one I would stretch the frame and add a wider rear tire. I picture it flat black with lots of carbon fiber.

As of right now I am scanning craigslist looking for a deal on one and trying to soften up the wife to pick one up.


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