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My last Christmas gift to my self arrived last week and I could barely contain myself so I installed them as soon as I got home on Friday night. For those of you who are not familiar with the JDM version of the Infiniti M45 these are the tail lights that are stock on Nissan Y34 Gloria (kouki). Full install and pics are after the jump.
The Nissan Y34 Gloria (kouki) Tail Lights are basically the exact opposite of the USDM lights. The JDM lights are all clean with a small red strip as opposed to the USDM ones that are all red with a clear strip. The back of the lights look nearly Identical. Both utilize a single plug to power all the lights. The set I have was already on a US car and it looks like they may have had to put a few wires together but I am not sure. Since they are LED and have no bulb at the top and the two bulbs at the bottom are the same as the US version.

The set I got looks like they had been sitting a while so I decided to pull out the headlight restoration kit from Mothers and give them a little polish. As you can see by the above picture there was nothing really bad about the tails, they were just a little dull and had some “smudges”.

The headlight kit is super simple to use, you put the polish onto a powerball which attaches to a power drill. Buff the light with the powerball for a minute or so and then wipe off the residue with a paper towel. The polished light is on the right and the original light is on the left. As you can see the light is a little clearer and nice and shinny. So after a few minutes with the Mothers Headlight Restoration Kit the lights were ready to go.

I started on the drivers side. The first thing you need to do is remove the carpet lining in the trunk. There are 5 pop-tabs total that need to be pulled. The two at the inner top of the trunk are your standard pop-tabs. The one at the bottom near the floor and the right inner middle are big ones that have a little eye loop on them and are a slight pain to pull out.

If you have smaller hands than me you might be able to skip the last 2. For me I could not get to the back bottom nut on the light without pulling these. As you see after pulling the three inner ones you can peel back the carpet and fit your hand in there.

For me and my ogre hands I had to pull the one eye loop in halfway back in the trunk and the hook further to the back. Once those where out you have lots of room to get your socket in and remove the 4 8mm nuts that hold the light in. Lat step is to pull the light clip apart and then remove the tail light.

Now reverse the process and reinstall the JDM light. The passenger side is the same process but I did not have to remove the additional two tabs because I was able to fit my hands in there and get to all of the nuts. The weird thing on the passenger side was that the top left nut was actually a 10mm not an 8mm. No I had my rear bumper repainted so this may be due to the shop who took the bumper off putting the wrong nut back on.

Once again you just reverse the process to put the JDM light in. Now all you need to do is close the trunk and enjoy the clean look.

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