How to get your car sponsored part 3 – The Style 2


Part 1 of the How to Get Your Car Sponsored series was about the basics and part 2 focused on the car. Part 3 focuses on Style of the car which is just as important as the other aspects.

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When I originally wrote this set of articles a few years ago I went into a lot of detail on types of styles and scoring, not all of it is actually relevant today as things have morphed and changed over the years. Back in the day it was really common to have judges overlook the quality and rarity of parts and give the awards to cars with tons of stuff that was not actually high end but hit every section of a score sheet. Now in many of the events we attend the Judges are well informed about the rarity and award extra points for it.

The main thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your build “flows” as our member Brian says. What does “flow” mean? Well it means keeping to a style and having mods that make sense for that style. A good example of this would be taking Russ NSX widebody and putting in a shag and fur interior plus hydraulics.

Remember this; Just because nobody has done it before does not mean its a good idea. There probably is a good reason that nobody has done it before.

In Part 4 I will give some tips on how to go about building your sponsor worthy car.

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2 thoughts on “How to get your car sponsored part 3 – The Style

  • Toben81

    im getting ready to drop some serious money into my 1998 mustang. Is it worth my time or money to try and get a sponsor?? i plan on going to car shows in my area and doing all the thing i need to do to get my car looked at and help me with the sponsorship, i just need to know if it will be worth it.

    • WBJ Post author

      Right now the economy is still pretty bad so most companies are working with very small promotional budgets. It is all going to depend on how many shows and what kind of exposure you will be able to get where you are at. Remember nobody is going to build your car for you but you may be able to get some help with consumables like tires, oil and cleaning products.