How to Get in Jade

The Most Frequently Asked Question: How do I join Jade?

Over the years we have received several emails on how to join the Jade Crew. While there isn’t really a set or exact points set in stone, here are a few guidelines that we can provide you with if you are serious in joining the team.Things have changed in the last few years. We are now spread out all over the US. We currently have 3 “Chapters” of Jade. Central Florida, LA and Atlanta.

All Welcome: Everyone and anyone is welcomed to join. There have been many rumors that have floated over the years. You’re hearing it from us, but if we tell you something you rather not hear, please don’t take any offense. But do you have what it takes???? hehehe… jk… seriously, here are a few things we look at.

Attend the Jade Meetings: We invite several people to attend, however, please remember that this is our team meeting and not a time to showoff. Thus, we keep the exact location private unless you email one of us directly. At our meetings, we highly suggest that you get to know each of our members. In addition, we can advise you on what road to take with your car. Lastly, we encourage you to ask us questions to see if this is what is for you.

Show Dedication: The shortest amount of time it took a member to join was 3 months, that member is Steve with his Supra. On the other hand, it took Vinny and his Integra 1 1/2 years to join. We have members and prospects attend show after show with us, even if they have a car or not.

Meet our RequirementsTo officially be voted in as a member your car must be ready. To try and make things easier for prospects we set up some guidelines.

You need to have 1-5 plus 4 of the remaining 6 to be considered.

  1. Cohesive style to the mods on the car. Ie race, VIP, Lux etc.
  2. Rims from a quality brand and build Appropriate.
  3. Suspension, coils or better from a good company, no slip on. If car has active suspension springs are ok.
  4. Clean factory paint, wrap or high quality aftermarket paint job.
  5. Aero Mods, full kit preferred but exceptions may be made due to availability and replicas are only acceptable if quality is good and it is installed properly.
  6. Racing seats, aftermarket or really high end oem or custom interior.
  7. Big brake kit at least in the front.
  8. Power adder: NA bolt ons, Aftermarket Turbo Kit or SC.
  9. Advanced Suspension Mods like sways, braces, arms or cages.
  10. Supporting Exterior Mods; Wing, Hood, Trunk, splitters, lighting.
  11. X factor: Rarity of parts and standout style.

Get Voted In: The team, not one person, votes a new member in. If one person, says NO, then we as a team discuss and take action. Every situation has been different. All that we can suggest to you is, talk to us and you’ll learn why. That’s why it is so important to get to know each and every member.

Initiation: Once you are voted in, you get the logos slapped onto your car. However, you are not truly an official member until you do the Jade wasabi roll. It may sound scary, but we have all done it in the past!

Now this is not everything, and obviously we can not give all of our methods and secrets away, otherwise everyone would be joining the team. That is not what we want, and I’m sure you as a member would not want that as well. Just keep in mind that we have been through thick and thin, and we have seen members come and go.

We know what we are doing, we’re the second family from home. Now if you have any more questions, or if you would like to join us at one of our meetings, please contact us using the form below. Thank you!