Hector’s Eclipse Widebody

Written By: Ben Duen
Air Jordan, Mark McGuire, Emmitt Smith…. Every team has got a couple of superstars. And one of ours is Hector’s 98 Eclipse GSX. What makes a superstar excel in his sport of choice? Ask most anyone and they will tell you it’s a higher level of motivation, drive, and most of all, heart. So what gives champions that kind of drive or motivation? Some say love, others say hate. With Hector, it is a little…or actually, a lot of both. You see, not many people that I know of has the kind of love Hector has for the scene. Just walk into his room and it is plastered with posters from magazines, companies, and car shows. His collection of import magazines stack up taller than his ceiling. All this love prompted him to get work done to his car. Due to the car being in the shop, Hector had been attending most of last two show seasons as a spectator. Bad for Hector, but great for Jade. You see, all these shows that Hector attended without a car to compete with made him mad. The more shows he attended, the madder he got and the crazier he got with his car in the shop. If you ever see this car in person, you’ll be able to tell he was VERY mad. Nothing was left untouched on this GSX, nothing is stock. So many things have been changed and modified on it, we may as well call it the Eclipse “GS-Next”. Although this car has more “go” than most track specific race cars, what makes every spectator drop their jaw is the “bling” factor. Look at this car in any angle inside/out and all you can think of is, “bling, bling”. From the custom widebody conversion with three stage chameleon paint job to a custom audio set-up that would make big ballin Escalade owners check for genital shrinkage, this car is destined for greatness. You might catch a glimpse of it in the upcoming movie, “The Fast and Furious 2”.

Mods and Specifications:


  • Name: Hector Rodriguez
  • 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
  • Member Since: 1999


  • Custom Dual N1 Exhaust
  • Fluidyne Radiator
  • GReddy Oil Cap
  • GReddy Oil Catch Can
  • GReddy Radiator Cap
  • GReddy Radiator Hose
  • GReddy Racing Spark Plugs
  • GReddy TD05H 18G Turbo Upgrade
  • GReddy Type 24 Front Mount Intercooler
  • Hayame Brake Resorvoir Cover
  • Hayame Power Steering Resorvoir Cover
  • Hayame Radiator Backets
  • HKS Cam Shafts
  • HKS Cam Gears
  • Injen Spark Plug Cover
  • Sparkco Spark Plug Blue Wires


  • Focuz Front Strut Tower Bar
  • Tanabe Pro Sustec S-O Coil-Overs


  • 19 x 8.0 Dazzmatiz Front
  • 19 x 10.0 Dazzmatiz Rear
  • 235/35/19 NITTO NT555 Front Tires
  • 275/30/19 NITTO NT555 Rear Tires


  • Cross Drilled Brakes
  • KVR Carbon Fiber Brake Pads


  • Blitz Rear Bumper
  • C-West GT Carbon Fiber Wing
  • Custom 300ZX Headlight Conversion
  • Custom Ab-flug Front Bumper
  • Custom Carbon-Fiber Hood Scoop
  • Custom Ferrari F50 Taillight Conversion
  • Kamanari Front & Rear Wide Fenders
  • Type V Side Skirts


  • AC Design Reverse Indiglo Gauges
  • APEXi EL Series-I Boost Gauge
  • APEXi EL Series-I EGT Gauge
  • Levoc Shift Knob
  • MOMO Millineum Steering Wheel
  • MOMO Steering Wheel Hub
  • Razo Race Pedals
  • Sparco Sport Harness 3-Point
  • Sparco Torino Seats Rewrapped in Blue Leather
  • Torasports Carbon Fiber Dash Kit


  • Alpine IVA800
  • Eclipse 15″ Subwoofer
  • Custome Fiberglass