Full Motul fluid change on my FR-S…


Now that my two free oil changes are gone from Scion it was time to get serious about what goes into the 86. Thankfully I happen to know some people that know something about fluids for motor vehicles. I made a quick call to a friend at Motul and they let me know exactly what the 86 needed. For the motor oil they wanted me to give their new Motul 8100 ECO-lite a try. It had not even hit the shelves yet but they sent me out some of the 0W20.

Now this is what they are calling their “fuel economy” oil, but I was assured that it was made with performance in mind also. It was specifically designed for the new Subaru motors along with some from Honda and Mazda. Motul has reformulated the 8100 0W20 synthetic oil to be an Ester base lubricant. By doing so, engine protection has increased significantly especially for those looking to drive spiritedly around town. While other synthetic oils tend to breakdown over high end performance driving, 8100 will continue to protect your engine! Sounds good to me.


Since I was already over 20,000 miles it was time to change out the gearbox and differential fluid. Plus I have heard about some really good things happening when you change out the fluid to something better. My friend at Motul said that I should give their Motul GEAR 300 a try. I have heard great things about the GEAR 300 in our cars so I was eager to get the fluid in there and see for myself.


So, with all the fluids on the way I ordered a Kics magnetic drain plug and a Project U magnetic oil filter and called up Doug at East Coast Garage. If you have been following along I recently made the trip down to Tampa from Orlando to hook up with East Coast Garage to take car of a bunch of mods that have been waiting to get done. After when brightened up the engine bay with some JDM items and titanium bits and added even more carbon fiber to the interior we moved onto giving the 86 a transfusion.

Since the lift at the shop was “occupied” we, as in Doug, had to do all the work on the ground so pictures were not really possible. One really nice thing about the Motul GEAR 300 is the it has its own flexible spout built right into the bottle making the change a lot easier. Other than that it was your basic drain and fill procedure for all the fluids.

Now on to the most important part, how does the car “feel” after it’s transfusion. In one word, FANTASTIC. The car idles a little smother for one thing. I have also seen about a 1-2 MPG improvement in MPG. As far as the transmission goes the shifts are definitely smoother and the odd grind that I used to get has been totally eliminated. I have not have had a chance to really get at it but I expect it will hold up very well under some abuse.

I would very much recommend you ditching that crap factory oil and making the move to Motul.

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