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In addition to the custom big brake kit East Coast Garage and I did last weekend we also fitted a set of Evo X Recaro seats into Project86.

Of course you can’t just take the Evo X seats and throw them into a FR-S. There is a great deal of modification that needs to be done to pull it off.

The first thing you need to do is prep the Evo seats and by prep I mean tear the hell apart. The pic below is how the seat looks when you start.


You basically need get everything other than the slider mechanism off the seats. This means grinding away all the spot welds, a little cutting and a lot of patience.

When you are done you will end up with the pic below.


The next step is to attach the seat and sliders to seat base for mounting aftermarket seats  into the FR-S. We used a seat base from Planted Technology because it sits a little lower than most others.

Here is the seat base we used.


I have seen some DIY for this type of job and they have drilled and bolted the slider to the base. We opted to weld them on. They are 100% on there and they are not going anywhere.

Then you swap over the seat belt apparatus to the Recaro seat. The seatbase has an attachment for it but we opted to use the factory mount on the Recaro seat. You do need to bend the metal mount a little to get it to fit right.

For the drivers side that is all you need to do. We did not want to have any airbag lights so we used the resistor trick on the airbag plug on the car to trick it to think it was there. We could have tried to figure out how to wire the airbags in the Evo seat to work but that could go horribly wrong so we opted for the resistor.

The seat bolted in and worked just as factory. No airbag lights.

The passenger side is a different story. Since the FR-S comes with a passenger sensor in the seat it complicates things. If you did exactly what you did on the divers side then we got an airbag light. Even if you put the resistor in the airbag connector it still threw a light. The car wants the plug for the seat sensor to be plugged up.

Since I sold my seats to someone putting them in a much older car they won’t need the seat senor so we took it out. You have to take the cover off the FR-S seat to gain access to the sensor which looks like the pic below.


We considered taking the sensor and sticking it in the Evo seat and making everything fully functional but the Evo seat is much harder to take the cover off of. Instead we rolled the sensor up and stuck it under the carpet under the seat. When everything was plugged up there were no lights, and the passenger airbag was on. It thinks there is always someone in the seat.

This causes one problem. That annoying beep and warning for the passenger to put on the seat belt. Right now I just have the seat belt plugged in behind the seat. I ordered a copy of the Toyota techstream software and the cable to use it. With it I should be able to turn off the seat belt warning for the passenger.

All and all this was not that difficult of a project if you have the right tools. Check out the Gallery on Our Flickr Page to see the process from start to finish. Once again thanks to Doug and East Coast Garage for all the work. Give them a call if you need anything.



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3 thoughts on “Custom Recaro Evo X Seats in FR-S…

  • Derrick Picker

    Very interested in this install. I am having a hell of a time getting my passenger sensor to work anywhere under the seat. Can you give me some advice how you “folded” this up and where you put it exactly? Thank you.

    • jadecrew Post author

      The sensor does not work how I have it. The reason it’s folded up and tucked under the carpet in the floor Matt area is that unless it was plugged in you still got an airbag light and the airbags would be totally disabled.

      With it plugged in and stuck under the carpet the airbag warning for the passenger seat goes off all the time. It thinks someone is alway in the seat normally. I turned off the warning tone for the seatbelt in techstream.

      If you wanted it to work as it did factory I would suspect you need to remove your seat cover on the new seat and place it on the seat area.

      • Derrick Picker

        I might have not been clear.

        The issue I have is I can not get it to recognize that someone is in the seat and therefore enable the passenger airbag. How did you “tuck” it away to make it think someone is in the seat.

        Thank you