Jade Corner

Formula Drift Orlando: Uncharted Territory…

When they first announced that Formula Drift was coming Orlando we were a little shocked. Even though we have had some big time car shows and meets in our little town, nothing on the level of Formula Drift has ever been here. I have to admit I was a little scared […]

Full Motul fluid change on my FR-S…

Now that my two free oil changes are gone from Scion it was time to get serious about what goes into the 86. Thankfully I happen to know some people that know something about fluids for motor vehicles. I made a quick call to a friend at Motul and they […]

How to get your car sponsored part 4 – The How

Now you know everything about sponsorship and how it works. You have a car and you picked a style that suits your taste. Now its time to start building your car. In this section of the series I give you tips on how to build your car without wasting time […]

How to get your car sponsored part 3 – The Style 2

Part 1 of the How to Get Your Car Sponsored series was about the basics and part 2 focused on the car. Part 3 focuses on Style of the car which is just as important as the other aspects.

How to get your car sponsored part 2 – The Car

In Part 1 of the How to Get Your Car Sponsored series I gave you some background on me and why I think I am a credible source on this topic and went over the basics of sponsorship. In Part 2 I will be detailing what I think is important […]

How do I get my car sponsored? 20

It’s the question everyone always asks when they find out that you’re sponsored, “How can I get free stuff too?” It’s a question I get asked a lot but it unfortunately does not have a simple answer. By the end of this series of articles you will have a better […]

2003 Infiniti M45 Air Runner Air Suspension Install 4

If you follow the site you will know that we recently teamed up with the good people at Air Runner Suspensions to get my Project VIP Infiniti M45 sitting proper. After what seemed like the longest 4 weeks the Y34 Air Runner kit arrived fresh from the land of the […]

Nice and Low; Project M45 Gets Low

Well the install is finally done thanks to Doug at East Coast Garage and the Boys at The Audio Revolution in Orlando. It was really a bolt on install but as Doug so aptly said “Don’t say anything is easy”. The full tech article is on the I ran off […]

It’s time to make a Ruckus! 8

Let’s face it, most scooters are not the “coolest” rides out there. You say the word scooter to most people and they think of some effeminate guy with an ascot on a Vespa. Although there is one scooter that has really caught on with the import crowd, the Honda Ruckus.

Jade in 2 Fast 2 Furious

  With the upcoming release of Fast & Furious I thought it would be fun to put the info about Jade’s little part in the movie franchise. Thanks to our friendship with Craig Lieberman, we got the opportunity to drive down to Homestead to become extras in the movie. Upon […]

Old School Jade

[Show slideshow] You could easily imagine that since our beginning back in 1997, we have been through a lot. Many of the original members still remain, but the cars is what have changed. This is just a little taste of how we grew up over the years.