Big Mikes JDM Prelude

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Ben Duen It rolls on super rare 18” DazzMatiz 3-Piece rims..”Ehh, its aight”. It was first with a JDM H23A Motor swap in the East Coast…”Yeah, yeah that’s nice.” It has beautiful custom silver with blue pearl full paint job..”That’s looks real tight but ehhh..I know of some others in Jade who spent a lot more on their paint” It’s got a Nitrous Oxide kit. “ Oh yeah? Sounds cool and probably boost performance, but everyone and their mother’s mini van has naaawz nowadays.” It has almost every mod in the import bible from A-Z…” Tight work but seriously, this sounds like basically everyone else in Jade. What makes this car extra special?” Once you realize what Michael “Big Mike” Villanueva had to go through to get his pride and joy to where it is today, you’ll start to appreciate the true beauty of this machine.

You seefolks, Big Mike’s project was built in the most hellish of situations. It was built using the most challenging shoe string budgets of all. The infamous “College Student Budget” . For those of you not familiar with the “College Student Budget”, it basically consists of Mike spending 90% of what he monetarily possessed to pay for classes and books, then dividing the last 10% of whatever he had left on food, water, toiletry items, and import tuning parts. Absolutely against all odds, and almost magically, Mike turned a 4 year diet of ramen noodles and a thousand shots of nasty “free well drinks for college id’s before 11pm” into this world class example of a highly tuned 4th Gen lude. (Eat your heart out David Copperfield).

Now he is competing against the big boys and helping Jade take home multiple “Best Crew” awards in a sport usually dominated by big ballers. How sweet is that? Big Mike is living proof that you don’t need a lot of $$ to be a major player in the scene. Motivation, heart, and creativity counts just as much as greenbacks in this sport we love so much. With a truck full of trophies, a part in the upcoming movie (TFAF2), multiple sponsorships, and now a college degree too, Mike is a true “David verses Goliath” story of the import tuning world.



  • Name: “Big Mike” Villenueva
  • Member Since: 1998


  • 1993 Honda Prelude


  • AROspeed Exhaust
  • Focuz Air Intake
  • JDM H23A Motor
  • JDM Red Valve Cover
  • NGK Spark Plugs
  • NGK Wires
  • Ractive Intake Filter
  • NOS Kit


  • 225/40 TiresH&R Raceline Spring
  • Neuspeed Front Strut Tower Bar


  • 18″ DAZZ Matiz 3-Piece Wheels
  • Toyo Tires


  • Factory


  • Metallic Silver – Blue Pearl – Silver Mini-Flakes
  • Altezza Style Tail Lights
  • Andy`s Autosports Kamikaze Rear Bumper
  • Clear Accord Side Marker Lights
  • Clear Front Bumper Lens (Wired as Fog-Lights)
  • LED 3rd Brake Light Molded into Trunk
  • Shaved Antenna and Emblems
  • VIS Aluminum Wing GT IIVIS Extreme Front Bumper
  • VIS Real Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Wing’s West Side Skirts


  • Item
  • Red Apholstered Seats
  • Anthracite Shift Knob
  • Broadway 300mm Mirror
  • Custom Painted Interior
  • Diamond Plate Floor Mat
  • Honda Seatbelt Pads
  • RAZO Aluminum Dead Pedal


  • 1.0 Farad Battery Capacitor
  • Jensen KA Amplifier 2 x 250
  • Jensen KA Amplifier 4 x 100
  • Monster Cable Wires and RCA Plugs
  • MTX Black Golds 2 x 12″
  • MTX Electronic Crossover
  • Sound Quest Amp Cooling Fans