Bens Veilside Fortune MRS

Written By: “WBJ” James Bennett
What Can I say about Ben’s latest project, except I want it. The Veilside Fortune kit for the MRS is one of those kits that doesn’t enhance the car its put on, it downright transforms it into a whole new car. The Toyota MRS is one of those cars in stock for that well, just kinda sucks. It doesn’t really look very good, its really slow and is basically considered a chick car. Slap the Veilside Fortune kit and a nice turbo kit and the car becomes something really special. Ben and I have wanted one of these ever since we saw the car for the first time and I hate him for beating me to it.


  • Name: Ben Duen
  • Member Since: Founder


  • Previous: 2001 Veilside Fortune Toyota MRS – RETIRED


  • TRD intake
  • Power Enterprise Turbo Kit


  • TRD Sportivo full suspension
  • TRD Sportive front and rear lower anti sway bars
  • TRD underbody brace
  • TRD front and rear strut tower bars


  • Forgeline 3 piece ZX3 wheels staggered w custom offset made for this particular car


  • TRD steel braided brake lines
  • TRD Cross drilled rotors


  • Authentic Veilside Fortune Widebody Kit
  • Veilside hood
  • Custom Speed Yellow paint


  • Momo Race Steering Wheel
  • TRD dress up kit
  • TRD Pedals


  • Alpine Flip up monitor
  • Alpine EQ
  • Alpine Satellite radio receiver
  • Alpine Navigation
  • Rockford Fosgate Competition amps
  • Rockford Fosgate capacitor
  • Alpine mids and highs
  • JL 10″ Subwoofer w custom enclosure