Ben’s Toyota MR2 Turbo

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Written By: Ben Duen

Ever heard the expression, ” Third time’s a charm”? Well for Ben and his fiance Rose, it’s more like , “15th time’s a charm”. Although Ben is the father of 15 other projects ranging from Conquest TSI turbos, Maximas, 300zx Twin Turbos, 3000gt VR4 Twin Turbo, and even a Supercharged Ford Thunderbird (you should have gathered by now he likes forced induction), he never could finish an MR2 turbo the way he wanted it. After 4 unfinished second gen mr2 turbo projects in the last few years ranging from an all go 11 sec track car, kitted out stocker, to TRD widebody that ended up on ebay, he is finally onto something special. The custom painted “Sapphire Blue Pearl” Mr2 you see here is absolutely stunning. So clean yet so strong in presence, you can almost feel some residual “chi” energy that it gives off if you ever walk past it. Extremely well balanced, this monster has an S-load of Yin and equal amounts of Yang. Although he has been out of competition for a couple of years, being one of the co-founders of Jade a veteran show winner, and even an “import scene specialist” for Fox 35 News at 10 (commentary on BFGoodrich Scorcher and the impact on the import racing scene), meant that when he was ready to build another project, it couldn’t be JUST another project. He laid out some extreme guidelines.It had to drop jaws, turn heads, command comments like, “Damn I think I just soiled myself!!”, be reliable and daily driven, have a competition audio/video setup that weighed less than the spare tire it replaced, and have enough gonads under the hood to produce 12’s at the track and 13’s in street trim. Finally, as if that wasn’t challenging enough, it was going to be built in two stages. And what you see here my friends… was just his goals attained for Stage ONE.?! With gracious sponsors like Exotic Rides of Orlando, awesome friends at Racing Zone of Orlando and Hux Racing of Cocoa, Ben’s MR2 will undoubtedly be a dominant presence in 2003.



  • Name: Ben Duen
  • Member Since: Founder


  • Previous: Ben’s Toyota MR2 Turbo – RETIRED


  • SW220 Engine
  • Racing Zone custom intake sytem
  • Clutchmasters Stage 3 Carbon Kevlar Clutch
  • Garage Fukui Departure II TRUE 85mm full exhaust
  • Hux Racing Catalytic Converters
  • Hux Racing EGR anodized block off plates
  • Hux Racing Machined flywheel
  • Hux Racing Street ported head
  • Injen Intake Heat Shield
  • ITS TO4E-50 Trim Upgraded Turbo @ 16 psi
  • Redline MT-90
  • Redline Water Wetter
  • Greddy Fuel Cut Bypass
  • Greddy High Pressure Radiator Cap
  • Greddy Profec B Electronic Boost Controller @ 16 psi
  • Greddy Type-S Blowoff Valve
  • Denso Iridium Plugs
  • NGK Wires
  • RC Engineering Balanced and Blueprinted Injectors
  • Microcoated and Heat Treated in Gunmetal Metallic Pearl:
  • Intake piping
  • Intercoler Pipings
  • Valve Cover


  • Microcoated Gunmetal Strut Tower Bars
  • TRD Bushings
  • TRD Performance Springs
  • TRD Performance Struts
  • TRD Suspension


  • 17 x 8″ Volk Racing GT-C Polished Front
  • 18 x 9″ Volk Racing GT-C Polished Rear
  • Toyo Tires


  • ABS Block Off Kit
  • KVR 11.8″ Cross Drilled Rotors
  • Motul Racing Fluids
  • Porterfield Racing Brake Pads
  • Porterfield Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
  • TRD Braking


  • Exotic Rides Mercedes SL Style Side Vents
  • Gracer urethane front end
  • Jade Motorsports Winglets
  • JDM 97 Clear Corner Lamps
  • JDM 97 Rear Taillights
  • Tom’s Driver’s Side Scoop
  • Tom’s Rear Bumper
  • Tom’s Side Skirts
  • TRD Wing with Carbon Fiber Inserts


  • APEXi EL Series I Boost Gauge
  • APEXi Stalk Mounted Turbo Timer
  • Carbon Fiber Billet Brake Handle
  • Exotic Rides Chrome Dash Kit
  • Exotic Rides Chrome Gauge Kits
  • Hux Racing Shift Linkage Kit
  • Sparco Alacantara Custom Shift Boot
  • Sparco Alacantara Upholstered Subs
  • Sparco Flash 5 Steering Wheel
  • Sparco Racing Pedals
  • Sparco Roadster Racing Seats
  • Sparco Shift Knob
  • Street Glow Neon Accents
  • Street Glow Strobe Accents


  • 5″ Glove Box Mounted Active Matrix Monitor
  • 6.4″ In-Dash Motorized Active Matrix Monitor
  • Exotic Rides Custom Amp-Enclosure
  • Exotic Rides Custom Sub-Enclosure
  • Full Dynamat Interior
  • In-Dash DVD/VCD/MPEG Player
  • Monster Cable
  • Optima Deep Cycle Battery
  • Rockford Fosgate 6 1/2″ Components
  • Rockford Fosgate 6″ Mid-Bass Woofers
  • Rockford Fosgate 10″ Subwoofer
  • Rockford Fosgate 350S Amplifier
  • Street Glow Neon Accent
  • Street Glow Strobe Accent
  • Tuned and Installed by Exotic Rides