Ben’s Lancer EVO8

Written By: Ben Duen

When you see Jade’s Lan_Evo at a show or an event, you might think to yourself, “It has a nice body kit, forged rims, and that front mount chiller is huge… but I’ve seen some sick widebody conversions that look way cooler! What’s the big fuss?”

Pop the hood and your thoughts might be, “Looks clean but that other show car had fully chromed engine parts and super polished engine pieces. What’s the big fuss?”

Sit in the driver’s seat and one look around, might have you thinking, “It has nice Recaro seats, a slick Momo steering wheel, and nice Greddy gauges…. but I’ve seen some CRAZY fiberglassed interiors that are 10 times more bling. What’s the big fuss?”

Look the car up and down, left to right, inside to outside and the same thought pops in your head, “The car is definitely sweet but it is not crazy. So what’s the big fuss?”

Well, to answer your question, most show cars in import scene look faster than they drive. They have more bark than bite and more bling than sting. Stomp the gas pedal on one of those widebody monsters sitting on 20’s and it MIGHT run a high 14 or low 15 at the track. Attack a 12 cone slalom with one of those cool looking fiberglassed interior show cars and you may end up with an interior full of spider web cracks and a bruised ego. Slam on the brakes from 100mph in one of the baller mercedes with 900 lbs of a/v gear and you might feel like a locomotive conducter pulling on some rusty brake lines.

But Jade’s Lan_Evo? It is one of those rare show cars that thinks…no, beleives it is a race car. To appreciate it, get back in the driver’s seat. Start the engine and have just enough respect to wait till she’s warmed up. Then put it in gear and mash the gas. It accelerates like it is trying to outrun death itself…. and it’s only limit is the limit of your sanity. 60+mph emergency lane changes happens so controlled and so rapidly, you would almost swear that in the corner of your eye, you can still see the Evo’s shadow in the original lane trying to play catch up. Then slam on the brakes and the 4 pot Brembos seems powerful enough to stop time itself.

With a host of well executed modifications, a custom tuned engine, and a weight that is even lighter than stock a Evo, Jade’s Lan_Evo certainly is a different type of show car.



  • Name: Ben Duen
  • Member Since: Founder


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  • Greddy Full Titanium catback Exhaust (9lbs in total weight)
  • Tanabe Downpipe
  • Greddy profec B Spec II electronic boost controller at 1.5 bar
  • Greddy Turbo Timer
  • Greddy type s blow off valve with Evo spring mod
  • Dynoflash mail tune for fuel, timing, rev limit, and boost cut removal
  • Hyperground Earthing Cables
  • Greddy upgraded FMIC with Greddy lower IC piping made for Evo 8
  • Cusco Stainless heat shield for manifold


  • Tanabe Sustec GF210 Lowering Springs
  • Cusco Trunk Cross Brace And Strut Bar


  • 18×8.5 Volk Racing LE28N
  • Volk Racing Forged Lug Nuts
  • 245/40/18 Toyo T1-S Proxes


  • Factory Brembo


  • Weightless White
  • Gialla Front End
  • Gialla Dry Carbon Fiber Air Ducts
  • Evo VIII optional true carbon fiber wing
  • Evo VII Style Red Tail Lights


  • Custom Carbon Fiber center dash mounted 3 gauge pod
  • Greddy 52mm White Face Electronic Boost Gauge
  • Greddy 52mm White Face Electronic EGT Gauge
  • Greddy 52mm White Face Electronic Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Evo Momo Steering Wheel
  • Recaro Neck Support Pillows


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