WBJ’s Project86 Beat-Sonic Shark Fin Antenna


One of the little things that I don’t like about the exterior of the Scion FR-S Toyota 86 is the RC antenna on the roof. When I went looking for an option to remedy this eyesore the best option for me was to replace it with a “Shark Fin” antenna, like the ones you see on newer BMW’s.

There are quite a few options out there for “Shark Fin” antenna’s. You can get one on ebay for $5 that is only a cover. You unscrew your antenna and stick the cover over it. The problem with the cover is that it’s purely decorative and not painted to match your car exactly. If you use one of these your reception will suffer greatly and it will look obviously aftermarket. That doesn’t work for me.

I prefer something functional and OEM looking. If it happens to be JDM, bonus. Enter Beat-Sonic. Founded in Aichi Prefecture of Japan in 1991, Beat-Sonic started out as a small car-audio manufacturer. Since then they have blown up into a multi-industry international powerhouse covering the car-audio/video entertainment system. You can get their products through their US arm located in California. At $115 it’s not that expensive either.

The Beat-Sonic shark fin antenna is a fully functioning AM/FM antenna painted to match your OEM paint. After unpacking the antenna and inspecting it, I am very impressed. The paint is perfect looking, no defects and it matches the whiteout paint on Project86 to a tee. I’m a fan of JDM stuff so I love that everything is in Japanese on the box, even the installation instructions. That could be a problem if installation was not so easy. All you need to do is follow the pictures. I went through something like this with the JDM window Visors on Project VIP so I was not worried.

Installation is a snap. The first thing I did was to unscrew the stock antenna mast from base. Next I tested the placement of the Beat-Sonic shark fin antenna to know where I needed to clean. Next I used the supplied cleaner to make sure everywhere the tape would touch was totally clean.

I don’t want this thing flying off as I am driving.

Now I attached the brass ring at the end of the wire on the Beat-Sonic antenna using the supplied screw. There are actually 3 screws in the package, it must be a universal package. I used the middle size one.

Once it that was all done the last thing left to do was peel off the paper on the double sided tape, line the antenna up and stick it down. Make sure you have everything lined up straight and true because the tape is super strong. Pulling it off will be a problem. Push down and make sure it is snug all around.

Installation done in about 3 minutes.

Then I went off into the car to test out the signal. The signal was just as strong, if not better. All my HD stations came in clear as a bell and my reception in my garage was actually better. All in all I love this thing. It looks fantastic, just like it would have come from the factory this way.

Beat-sonic doesn’t just make these for the FR-S/BRZ/Toyota 86, they make them for many other cars. Check out their site for more applications and to see about their other products like stereo accessories, back up cameras and leds.

Source: www.beatsonicusa.com

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