Formula Drift Orlando: Uncharted Territory…

When they first announced that Formula Drift was coming Orlando we were a little shocked. Even though we have had some big time car shows and meets in our little town, nothing on the level of Formula Drift has ever been here. I have to admit I was a little scared […]

Full Motul fluid change on my FR-S…

Now that my two free oil changes are gone from Scion it was time to get serious about what goes into the 86. Thankfully I happen to know some people that know something about fluids for motor vehicles. I made a quick call to a friend at Motul and they […]

UTI Torque Meet Tour Coverage – 4-9-13

UTI’s Torque Meet Tour is a new nationwide show series held at Universal Technical Institute campuses around the United States dedicated to supporting all of us car freaks around the country. Best of all? It’s all free. Kicking off the series proper was the Orlando Torque Meet debut hosted by […]

Project86 Can Finally Breathe!

One of the very few complaints I have about the Scion FR-S Toyota86 is that it really has no exhaust note or as Jeremy Clarkson described it “It’s just the sound of petrol exploding in a metal box.”. To take care of this

Mo’s Spoon Honda S2000

[Show slideshow] Written by: Ben Duen “Mo knows.” Mo knows Hondas–he’s got four. Mo knows S2000’s–his S2000’s won more awards and trophies than some people have underwear. Mo knows JDM–he is soo JDM that when he isn’t adding mods to the S2k, he’s selling one of the most famous JDM […]

Chris Bomex 3000GT SL

[Show slideshow] Written By: Ben Duen Chris has been down with Jade since 05–but he has already been to more events than half the other Jade members combined in a single year. His dedication and drive to the scene is approaching ‘ridiculous level’ and the amount of exposure he’s gotten with his ‘sun […]