You need to do what?


In my mad rush to get as much as I can done in time for the UTI Torque meet I have been working on the car at a frantic pace. Last night I installed my APR Rear Spats. They came with no instructions but I figured, hey how hard could this be?

Well they go under the rear bumper. Under there the bumper is held to the inner splash guard via two pop tabs. I figured you pop these out and use them to attach the APR pieces. I figured wrong. The pop tabs, which are a huge pain to get out, are too big to fit in the holes in the CF APR piece. In the package with the CF pieces there was a bag of blots, washers and lock nuts. The problem is there is no physical way to get the bolt through the bumper splash guard and cf piece and have access to it to tighten it.

After scratching my head for a while and contemplating developing a phase shift mechanism so I could put a wrench trough the splash guard I gave up and called APR. APR said that they recommend putting the car up on a lift, taking the rear wheels off, removing the top of the fender liner and attaching everything through the top. They said that this is the most stable way to attach them and they don’t trust the pop tabs.

That just seemed like overkill to me. I made a quick stop at harbor freight to pick up a unibit and then stopped by autozone to pick up some 3M automotive double sided tape. When I got home I threw some painters tape over the CF and drilled the holes out. Then I crawled under the car, pulled the pop tabs out and cleaned the bumper with some denatured alcohol.

I cleaned the CF with the same denatured alcohol and applied the 3m tape. I then climbed back under the car, lined up the holes in the CF, bumper and splash. I popped the tabs back in and pushed hard on the piece to firmly attach the tape.

They seem very solid and those pop tabs are super strong in there. I see no issue with attaching it this way.

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