Andy’s GT-SPEC Subaru BRZ


Andy Rodi’s 2013 Subaru BRZ

Written by: Ben Duen

Loyalty. Andy has been knee deep with Jade since 1999. Fourteen years with the same crew going coast to coast. Thick and thin doesn’t even begin to describe him when it comes to his crew and also……. when it comes to his choice of car.

We believe as a baby, his first word was, ‘momma’, but his second word was definitely, ‘SUBARU’. The dude is like a walking heartwarming Subaru commercial with just one difference- there’s no puppy that grows old w him. In place of a puppy, he racks up trophies and awards. And in place of growing old, he keeps being reborn and continues to evolve, from a Turbocharged Subaru Forester XT, to a 22B Widebody featured in Super Street magazine, and now on to his new ridiculousness- a GT-SPEC BRZ built the right way.

Built to be driven…HARD. Already voted as a Top 10 Custom FR-S / BRZ at the most recent SEMA show, Jade’s BRZ is one to watch in the upcoming year.

Click Here to see more photos on Jade’s Flick Page.


  • Name: Andy Rodi


  • MXP Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust with Titanium Tips
  • MXP Front Pipe
  • MXP Equal Length Header
  • Takeda Cold Air Stage 2 Pro 5-R Intake System
  • ARC Oil Catch Can
  • Project Mu Oil Filter
  • Optima Red Top Dry cell battery
  • Kics oil drain plug


  • Cusco Zero-A coilovers with pillowball mounts.
  • GTSpec rear trailing arms
  • GTSpec rear strut bar
  • GTSpec rear lateral links
  • GTSpec rear sway bar links brace
  • GTSpec rear adjustable toe arms
  • GTSpec rear lower T Brace
  • GTSpec Rear Lower Subframe Reinforced Tie Brace
  • GTSpec rear subframe CNC reinforcement panel
  • GTSpec Front strut Bar
  • GTSpec Front 4 Point Subframe Reinforment Tie Brace
  • GTSpec Front 4 Point Ladder Brace
  • GTSpec 3 Point Front Strut Tower Support Brace


  • 18×10 TE37rt
  • 255/35/18 Toyo Proxes R1R Tires
  • R26 Neo Chrome Lug Nuts


  • 2012 STI Brembo brake calipers custom painted to silver with teal Brembo logo
  • Project Mu BForce Pads
  • Project Mu Club Racer rotors F:2004 STI R: 2008 STI (redrilled to 5×100)
  • Project Mu Teflon coated Stainless steel brake lines
  • Project Mu G-Four 335 Brake fluid
  • Project Mu Master Cylinder Sock


  • Debaged Trunk
  • LED lighting
  • Charge Speed Carbon Fiber Bottom Line lip kit
  • Subaru rear diffuser
  • Cusco Shorty Antenna
  • JDM Toyota Window Visors
  • VIS OE type Carbon fiber trunk
  • Voltex Type 1S Carbon Fiber Wing


  • (2) Bride Zeta 3 Japan Carbon Fiber bucket seats
  • (2) Bride type FO seat rails
  • Personal Grinta Steering Wheel
  • Works Bell Quick Release Hub
  • MXP titanium Shift knob
  • LED Interior Lights
  • Broadway Mirror
  • RAYS windshield visor
  • 30% Suntek window tint
  • 70% Suntek windshield tint


  • Factory Subaru Navigation



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