Andre Sang Pham: J’s Racing Widebody S2000


Andre Sang Pham: J’s Racing Widebody S2000

Written by: Ben Duen

“Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say
But nothing comes out when they move their lips-Just a bunch of gibberish
And mofos act like they forgot about Dre”. Our boy Andre never said such foolishness–but that’s the vibe you get with his insane S2000 build. Everyone and their 3rd cousin claims to have built a sick S2k at one time in their lives. Take your pick of venues and there are no shortage of “me too, look at me, look at what I built, let me talk about my car.” owners. That is, until Andre arrives and pulls up. Then the gibberish stops and it’s dead silence…… then the jaws all drop. Then..apparently..many see the Son of God covered in honey. Cause all you hear are peeps whispering, “Sweet Jesus.” Once they look past Jesus, they see the light– Uber rare Full Js Racing Type GT Widebody, BASF Jade Crystal paint, Advan GT rollers, Bride Cuga seats, Cusco Rollcage, etc, etc, the list goes on and on and on. You don’t forget this car the first time you see it in person. It gets burnt into your permanent memory and now that you know what he’s capable of, you’ll never, ever, ever… forget about Dre again.



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  • Name: Andre Sang Pham
  • Member Since 2014


  • 2003 Honda S2000


  • 550WHP/315WTQ
  • Competition Custom 6 Puck Clutch w/ Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
  • Custom Lightened Flywheel (8 lbs.)
  • J’s Racing 10mm Driveshaft Spacer Kit
  • AMSOIL Full Synthetic Gear Oil for Tranny and Diff
  • Full Tuck and Shave Engine Bay
  • Full Race Twin Scroll Manifold
  • Borgwarner S300FMW Turbo 1.0 A/R
  • Full Race Intercooler
  • Full Race Test Pipe
  • Full Race 3″ Downpipe
  • Full Race 2.5″ Intercooler Piping Powdercoated Black
  • Tial Twin MVS Wastegate
  • Tial Blow Off Valve
  • Inline Pro 3mm Headgasket
  • Science of Speed Dual Valve Springs
  • Science of Speed Titanium Retainers
  • Science of Speed 1mm Oversize Valves
  • AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors
  • Fullblown Motorsports 290 LPH Fuel Pump
  • Challenge TA-76RM Exhaust
  • NGK 4554 Copper Spark Plugs
  • Okada Projects Special Edition Hi-Output Coilpacks
  • Hondata 4-BAR MAP Sensor
  • J’s Racing Fan Switch
  • J’s Racing Thermostat
  • J’s Racing Radiator Cap
  • J’s Racing Oil Cap
  • J’s Racing Magnetic Differential Bolt
  • J’s Racing Magnetic Oil Drain Bolt
  • J’s Racing Magnetic Transmission Bolt
  • J’s Racing Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate
  • FullBlown Motorsports Radiator
  • SPAL Radiator Fans
  • Titanium Radiator Stays
  • Air Condition Relocation Kit
  • ABS Relocation
  • Full Shaved and Wire Tuck Engine Bay
  • AMSOIL 10w30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Moddiction Titanium Fasteners


  • Tien MonoFlex Coilovers
  • J’s Racing Fender Brace
  • J’s Racing Roll Center Adjuster
  • 25mm Rear Spacer
  • Cusco 3 Piece Subframe Bar
  • Cusco Rear Strut Bar
  • Cusco Lower Arm Bars
  • Spoon Lower Tie Bar
  • Suspension Techniques Sway Bars
  • Custom Reinforced Axles


  • Yokohama Advan GT (18×10.5 +22 All Around)
  • TOYO Proxes R888 265/35/18 Front 275/35/18 Rear
  • J’s Racing Extended Lug Nuts (Anodized Black)
  • Advan Valve Stems (anodized Blue)


  • Hawk HPS Brake Pads
  • DBA 4000 Slotted Front and Rear Brake Rotors
  • Russell Stainless Steel Braided Coated Front and Rear Brake Lines
  • Project Mu Brake Fluid


  • BASF Jade Crystal Paint
  • J’s Racing Type-GT Widebody Kit
  • J’s Racing Type-1 3DGT Carbon Fiber Wing
  • Circuit Garage TS350 Wing Stands
  • Craftsquare JGTC Carbon Fiber Mirrors
  • Custom Vented Hood
  • AP2 Headlights
  • AP2 Taillights
  • JDM Clear Sidemarkers


  • Bride Cuga Seats
  • Bride Seat Rails
  • Takata 4-Point Harnesses
  • Takata Gel Shoulder Pads
  • J’s Racing Xtreme Racer’s Steering Wheel
  • NRG Short Hub
  • NRG Carbon Fiber Quick Release
  • Titanium Shift Knob
  • Cusco 4-Point Rollcage with Harness Bar
  • Boost/Oil Pressure/Water Temp Gauges
  • AEM Wideband AFR Gauge
  • Password JDM Carbon Fiber Center Console
  • Bride Door Panel
  • Bride Arm Rest
  • Bride Shift Boot
  • Qube Engineering Teal Color Gauge Cluster
  • AP2 Interior Conversion


  • Kenwood KIV-BT901
  • (1) JL Audio W3 8 inch Subwoofers
  • ZAPCO 250/1 Mono Amp


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