Ahmed’s Boosted Integra Type R



Ahmed’s Boosted Integra Type R

Written by: James Bennett
Photos by Chris Minshall Photography

Lots of people take souvenirs back with them when they travel. However I highly doubt that very many of them took a JDM front end that they dug out of a Japanese junk yard back as a carry on, doubt that fit in the overhead bin.
Ahmed is not like most people though, which is easy to see when you spend just a few minutes with his car.

What started as a nothing more than a shell has evolved into one of the cleanest Integras anywhere. When we say evolved we really mean it. The car has been through 3 engine set ups prior to the current one which is making 450hp and 280 torque.

Ahmed is “living the dream” spending his days helping enthusiasts all over the country make their dreams come true by hooking them up with quality parts while working sales at Vivid Racing.

Ahmed would like to thank all of his friends as without them the car would still be nothing more than a shell.



  • Name: Ahmed Sulfab
  • Member Since 2015


  • Acura Integra


  • B18C JDM ITR.. USDM ITR tranny with 4.7 Final drive
  • JE 10:6 81.5 Pistons, Eagle Rods w/ Arp Rod Bolts
  • ARP Head & Main Studs
  • Spoon Gen 1 Cam Gears
  • Spoon Ignition Wires
  • JG Edelbrock Intake Manifold/ Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
  • Jun Oil Cap, Plug Cover and Valve Cover
  • Locash Racing Catch Can with -10An
  • Fuel Line Tuck,
  • AEM Fuel Rail (coated to match Jun)
  • Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors , Fuel Lab FPR
  • Walbro 255 Pump
  • Comp Stage 4 Clutch
  • OEM ITR Flywheel
  • Boost Junkyz Top Mount Turbo kit
  • Polished Ceramic Coating
  • Precision 6262, Black Coated Exhaust Housing, Polished Compressor
  • 3” downpipe and Vbanded Exhaust
  • J’s Racing Circuit Oval Muffler
  • Tial Q & MVR Wastegate
  • Hondata S300 & Boost Solenoid
  • Garrett 3” Custom Double Back Door Intercooler
  • Gloss Black Ic Pipings
  • Fluidyne Radiator
  • Cool Nuts hoses
  • Greddy Overflow
  • Spal Slim Fan
  • Mugen Radiator Cap


  • Tein Ra 14k/10k Suspension
  • JDM ITR Front sway bar
  • Cusco 25mm Rear Sway
  • Function 7 Rear LCA
  • Omni Man Front UCA
  • Rigid Front & Rear Custom Neon Yellow Strut bars
  • AutoPower 6 point Roll Cage
  • J’s Racing C pillar Bar
  • Spoon Rear Lower Tie bar


  • 16×8 +25 Volk TE37 Anodized Bronze, 15×7 +25
  • Dunlop CPR


  • 15×7 WEDS TC005


  • JDM 96 Spec 4×114 Conversion
  • Wilwood 12.2” Big Brake kit ( Ice White Calipers)
  • ABS Line Delete and Brake Line Tuck


  • JDM ITR HID Front end Conversion
  • Cwest Front Bumper
  • Cwest 96 Spec Rear Lip (Custom Carbon insert)
  • Cwest GTII GT Wing 1700MM
  • Ings +1 Side Skirts
  • Crowhouse Fenders
  • Varis Diffuser
  • Seibon Vented Carbon Hood
  • APR 3GT Mirrors


  • Mugen Cluster
  • Mugen Pedals
  • Mugen Shift Knob
  • Mugen Rear View Mirror Cover
  • Recaro Carbon Kevlar Seats (out of FD RX7 Rzr edition)
  • Status Racing 6 Point Harnesses
  • Defi Boost, EGT & Oil Pressure Gauges
  • Neptune Tuner View II


  • Not what this build is about