About Us


Jade Motorsports or “Jade Crew” for short is a car club. A car club for import cars. Each car is built by the owner to their specific needs and taste. What we all seem to share in common is a style. If you look at most of our cars they are not your super crazy over the top show cars. In fact most of our cars are “Daily Drivers”. There is a lot more information about the club, its members, what we have done and where we are going on this page and our resume.


What makes Jade Motorsports so special ?

“If HIN ever starts classifying show teams as professional or amateur, The Jade Crew would be the professionals.”
–Ben Duen writer for Import Tuner Magazine

Founded in 1997, Jade Motorsports’ list of achievements are extraordinary. Attached is a detailed resume / timeline of our accomplishments throughout the years. We have taken home multiple best crew and individual awards in the past 10 years, including the coveted HIN Best Crew awards winning back to back to back in MULTIPLE STATES. If you take a look at our 10 year history, Jade is one of the single most “winningest” crews in Import Car Show history. In recent years we have spread out all over the United States and now have chapters in Florida, Georgia and California.


Internationally Known

When you do something that you love and you do it very well, people tend to start noticing. Recently, we have acquired massive media exposure and to our credit, Jade has had dozens of features in various national and international magazines including publications in Japan . In addition to the print media, we have been featured on Speedvision, Car Crazy, a number of DVD movies, and have worked with John Singleton and Universal Pictures on the motion picture, “2 Fast 2 Furious” in having our cars featured in the film and displayed at the premiere. We also have had the opportunity to work with Toyota Scion in the very first Scion xA Challenge for SEMA.


For us, this isn’t just a hobby–it’s a lifestyle.

We believe the main attribute that makes us so unique is that we are all true friends who share the same passion. The original members have been friends/brothers for over a decade. We are not just a group of people who met at a car show or talked in a website forum and decided to become a team. We are a family who has outlasted practically any crew in the scene’s history and have successfully stayed on top, forever evolving to meet the demands of the ever changing scene.


” No one’s done it longer, no one’s done it stronger, and no one’s been more successful .”

Check out our resume, ask most major movers and shakers in the Import Scene if they’ve heard of us, go through the massive archives of dozens of magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and webzine features done on Jade throughout the years, do a search on the internet, look at which multi-million dollar companies puts their money and trust in us and you’ll have an idea of how serious we are about this mode of transportation called the, “automobile”.

As a crew over the years, we’ve invested OVER $TWO MILLION$ of our own dollars (no, that’s not a typo) into 40+ project cars that have come out of our garages snapping heads in the import scene.


What’s next for Jade ?

From the very beginning when were a bunch of snot-nosed kids doing parking lot car shows, we’ve always supported and will continue to support/promote the ever growing industry and the scene it nurtures. But over the last few years, Jade has started to become much more involved on the other side of the industry. Jade members have been used as consultants and advisers for major corporations, some are involved in retail stores others have positions in companies like Mackin Industries, and some are even part of the media covering the scene. What’s in store for Jade in the future? Expect to see a number of fresh new Jade project cars. Jade members are now located throughout the nation, in such cities as Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angles. So don’t be surprised if you see a Jade Motorsports vehicle in your area!

After a way over a decade of tuning, you should know by now we don’t play around. Want more details? Stay tuned and happy modding.