Daily Archives: March 3, 2014

Mo’s Spoon Honda S2000

[Show slideshow] Written by: Ben Duen “Mo knows.” Mo knows Hondas–he’s got four. Mo knows S2000’s–his S2000’s won more awards and trophies than some people have underwear. Mo knows JDM–he is soo JDM that when he isn’t adding mods to the S2k, he’s selling one of the most famous JDM […]

Chris Bomex 3000GT SL

[Show slideshow] Written By: Ben Duen Chris has been down with Jade since 05–but he has already been to more events than half the other Jade members combined in a single year. His dedication and drive to the scene is approaching ‘ridiculous level’ and the amount of exposure he’s gotten with his ‘sun […]